Know What You’ll Pay Beforehand – 24/7 Van Lines Forthcoming Online Long Distance Movers Quotes to Feature Most Accurate Estimates Ever

24/7 Van Lines is soon going to release an online engine for providing long distance movers quotes with a set of algorithms that will make it the most accurate ever.

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Long Distance Movers Quotes Back-End Engine Amazing Piece of R&D Work.

Most Accurate Long Distance Movers Quotes Yet Thanks to New Back-End Engine from 24/7 Van Lines R&D Department.

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

24/7 Van Lines is working hard on putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming online feature, a detailed and highly accurate quoting engine that will enable the procurement of viable, reliable and to-the-point long distance movers quotes. The company plans to make the feature available in the months ahead, once they have completed testing it and moving it from beta stage to live launch.

The quoting engine will be offered on their website as a free amenity to all visitors. By filling out the various fields that will be featured and by answering some important questions using dropdown menus, customers will be to generate a competitive quote on their moving services. In addition, the customer will then have the opportunity to schedule a free in-home inspection, so they can receive a binding estimate and moving contract.

Every year, Moving Authority, a leading online resource and think tank in the moving industry, estimates that about 14-16 million people relocate across the country. Over the past ten years, the cost of long distance moving has skyrocketed, increasing faster than the rate of inflation, to the tune of about 33 percent in increased fees over ten years. The primary cause, according to sources at Moving Authority, is the increased cost of fuel.

“The price of fuel has climbed rapidly over the past five years,” commented company spokesperson, William Alexander. “Diesel fuel [the fuel that powers most moving trucks] has more than doubled in price over a 10 year span. This has resulted in moving companies having to adjust their prices to compensate for the added cost of operation.”

Even as fuel prices soar, 24/7 Van Lines has managed to keep their overhead low. It’s due, in part, to the fact that the company upgraded its entire fleet with modified bio-diesel powered engines over the past few years. The soy-based diesel fuel not only burns about 80 percent cleaner than standard diesel, but also costs less to use, increases mileage per gallon at a lower rate and extends engine life, thus reducing associated maintenance costs.

“The goal of our forthcoming online feature is to enable prospective customers to generate long distance movers quotes and to show them that they need not break the bank just to get their family moved across the country,” Tanning said. “With our lower operation costs, we intend to earn customers’ business by providing quality moving services at rock bottom prices.”

You can learn more about by visiting 24/7 Van Lines online.

24/7 Van Lines is a nationwide residential and commercial moving services provider. The company also offers packing and crating services and specialty moving services for pianos, fine art and other valuables. In the most recent news, the company is planning on launching an online feature that will enable visitors (to their website) to generate long distance movers quotes in just a few minutes. Customers will also be able to schedule a free in-home inspection afterwards to have their quote finalized.

Press Contact:
Mark Tanning
24/7 Van Lines