Rentec Direct Announces Last Minute Tax Saving Reminders

Rentec Direct announces the Schedule E report and other tax saving reminders as the deadline to file 2013 taxes gets closer.

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

Rentec Direct property management software announces last minute tax saving reminders. The deadline for submission of 1099s has passed but for those landlords filing their own taxes there is still time to double check and make sure they are benefiting from as many tax breaks as possible. For private landlords, printing out the Schedule-E assistant report will provide them or their tax adviser everything necessary to fill in the personal Schedule-E. Unless properties are lumped together for tax purposes, it’s most common to print a Schedule-E report for each property. Most CPAs have to gather all this information from records themselves, and many have a flat fee per form. If these reports are provided most of the work is already done for them, asking for a discount on their per-form fee or requesting that they just bill hourly is not an unreasonable request.

I have provided several links to Rentec's blog where you will find new tax guidance on how to deduct all of your rental related expenses such as repairs, mileage, maintenance, etc. These helpful discussions will help differentiate what deductions must be depreciated over time and what can be taken in a single tax year and discuss the small business safe harbor which provides substantial benefits to most landlords. Please check out this important three part blog series at Rentec's blog: (safe harbor) (routine maintenance) (materials and supplies)

When asked why Rentec Direct puts so much effort into customer requests and improving there software? Nathan Miller, President of Rentec Direct replied, “It is all about making the day to day chores of property managers easier.”

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