Colored Solar Introduces Battery Backup Option for Solar Energy Customers, Brings Infinite Power to the World

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Safe, sensible power storage units are transforming solar photovoltaic customers into their own power plants. Colored Solar, a solar panel manufacturer and installer based out of Ventura, California has broken ground recently in this domain with their first power storage installation. A Malibu, California homeowner recently took Colored Solar up on this vision, solidifying their new direction, when he added a lithium ferrophosphate bank of batteries to complement his Tile Red Colored Solar panels.

This customer waited 15+ years for a more aesthetically pleasing solar option than traditional "black hole" roof arrays. He got his wish and his own personal power plant, to boot!

Safe and Sensible Power Storage for this Home in Malibu, CA.

We are pioneering the marriage of solar and intelligent power storage, making the customer independent like never before.

Colored Solar™ blends with roofs better to provide the most aesthetic, innovative solar solution in the market today. Power storage is the best way to harness the power of Colored Solar™ panels, where the electricity that is created can now be stored for guaranteed usage later. As energy storage becomes more and more important for a reliable source of power, it enables consumers to combine rooftop solar with affordable backup storage to become their own power plant and break free from the utilities and centralized power.

Michael Mrozek, CEO of Colored Solar™ said, "Our technology is solid state, manufactured in the USA, and outperforms solar panels of the same wattage. 19kW of Tile Red 230W panels were chosen at this home in Malibu, California because of aesthetics, and performance." He went on to say, "The proud homeowner wanted to go solar but resisted against standard solar panels and waited for more than 15 years, until there was a more aesthetically pleasing solution. The homeowners association (HOA) in this neighborhood have specific guidelines, and our roof mounted solar panels were approved by the architectural review board."

Colored Solar™ distributes, designs, and installs lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) OES2 power bank technology. These safe, innovative, high quality, environmentally friendly products out last any lead-acid battery. OES2 technology can last for more than 20 years, 5000+ cycles, 95% depth of discharge, and are made in the USA. Their superior performance with no memory effect, no thermal instability and no heat buildup allow the storage units to be installed inside a home or small spaces without any required cooling, ventilation or maintenance.

Paul Wise, COO of Colored Solar™ said "We are putting American made products on American roofs. This is cutting edge stuff; we are pioneering the marriage of solar and intelligent power storage, making the customer independent like never before. When this gets adopted in thousands, or millions of future homes it will change the grid as we know it."

At the end of the day this technology will become accepted, it's just a question of how long it will take.

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