Indy Plush™ Video Helps “Save the World a Doll at a Time”™

Indy Plush presents their company video.

Marina Del Rey, California (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

The edgy, environmentally-savant award-winning team of Indy Plush™ have created an upbeat one minute informational video on their adorable collectibles. Indy Plush™ creates environmentally friendly plush dolls and eco-friendly clothing. The designs are adorable and can’t help but make you smile. The video’s music and upbeat style – created by Indy Plush™ “creative partner” Andrew Ruesch – reflects the enthusiasm and energy that the team of three (Andrew, Franceil and Plinio) and their children bring to the world of “green” and concern for the environment and endangered animals.

Indy Plush™ has over 80 copyrighted designs and trademarks of unique animals that make up their collections: Farm, Monster, Endangered Species and Sea Life.

Moreover, Indy Plush™ has been selected by distinguished Museums, deluxe hotels and Non-profit Foundations to make unique private-label eco-friendly plush dolls and clothing. All proudly made in the USA.

To view Indy Plush’s video visit us at or at Vimeo.