Gold Coin Dealer Warns of Supply Shortage After U.S. Mint Announcement spokesman Keith Kelly believes the U.S. Mint’s reduced mintage of 2014 American Eagle Proof gold coins could drive price increases and hurt some retirement account investors, reports “America’s Gold Coin Superstore”.

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Gold Coin

Gold Coin

American Eagle Proof gold coins are considered private [from gold confiscation]... and they have been extremely profitable historically.

Fort Worth, Texas (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Fort Worth gold dealer has issued an Investor Alert after the U.S. Mint recently announced via an April 3 press release that it would only be minting 35,000 of the one-ounce gold American Eagle Proof coins in 2014. spokesman Keith Kelly says based on past years the reduction in mintage could cause prices for those coins to skyrocket as the year progresses, regardless of the gold spot price.

“This is the only collectible gold coin that one can buy for a retirement account, and each year the price for these coins tends to increase as the supply runs low,” said Kelly. “The U.S. Mint sells these coins at a premium because based on Executive Order 3102 gold Proof coins would be protected in a gold bullion confiscation situation.”

The U.S. government confiscated gold bullion in 1933, and the directive prohibiting gold lasted until the 1970s. Many investors believe that the government could attempt to confiscate gold again, and Kelly says gold in IRA accounts would be the easiest to seize.

“IRA gold is centralized and almost all gold IRA investors have their holdings stored at DDSC in Wilmington, Delaware,” Kelly said. “If our government decides to take gold bullion to pay down the national debt or strengthen the dollar the Proof Eagles could be the only coins left. They are considered private and besides that they have been extremely profitable historically,” he added.

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