OK Bail Bonds Expand Services in Houston, Texas

24-Hour Bonds Now Available in Harris and Brazoria Counties

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Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

OK Bail Bonds is very happy to announce that they have expanded their services in the Houston area. OK Bail Bonds and their veteran team now service all of the Houston area, and then some, by having multiple offices in both Harris and Brazoria Counties.

OK Bail Bonds understands the severity of a situation that results in someone needing bail bonds, and as such, they have made it their mission to provide not only the best service in the area, but the most fairly priced. They pride themselves on their unbeatable prices and their 24-hour service, both of which are available to provide the customer with the easiest and most hassle-free experience.

OK Bail Bonds also offers bail for a wider array of convictions than many of their competitors. Among the many convictions that OK Bail Bonds will provide bail for are DUIs, assault, possession, and domestic violence. Part of why OK Bail Bonds is able to offer such a wide range of bail services is because they have highly-trained and extremely experienced members working for their team, assuring that everything goes smoothly, no made how big the bail is.

While many bail bond companies are quick to rip off their customers, OK Bail Bonds has made fair prices their biggest priority. No matter how small or large a bail is, OK Bail Bonds is committed to giving their customers the most fair and honest prices available on the market. And given how long OK Bail Bonds has been serving the community, it's fair to say that they live up to their honesty policy.

In addition to offering honest and fair prices, OK Bail Bonds also offers an array of payment plans to help make their bail bonds affordable to anyone who needs to be bailed out of jail, no matter the financial situation. On top of that, OK Bail Bonds does not require a credit check, meaning that truly anyone in need can utilize their services.

OK Bail Bonds understands how important it is to be bailed out of jail or to bail out a loved one. With their new expansion, they can help more people in Houston than ever before.

OK Bail Bonds' offices can be found throughout Harris and Brazoria counties. For more information, or for a bond, interested parties can reach OK Bail Bonds at 832-348-0395.