Infographic by quoteschimp Shows the Way On Discounts

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to getting a message across and quoteschimp aims to point the way on car insurance discounts at

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(PRWEB) April 13, 2014

There are hundreds of websites that write about car insurance discounts but only a few who take the time and trouble to produce an infographic. And then only one that makes it so easy, accessible, and fun to read.

The sign of a good website is the ease with which it communicates with its customers. If it gets the little things like listing the discounts the users can expect to find when they get car insurance quotes through the site, you can trust it to deliver on the bigger service issues. is new and it aims to offer the best possible service by:

  •     making the information easy to understand;
  •     making the site itself easy to use; and
  •     giving all users the chance to smile every now and then.

Selling car insurance is not usually considered a fun activity. People only buy coverage because they have to. There’s nothing the site owners can do to make it any less painful except:

find the cheapest quotes for a driver with the same profile as the user.

That usually brings a smile to the user’s face. That and the cartoons and the occasional joke.

The jokes are not all that funny. is in the serious business of selling car insurance, after all, But it does its best to create the right impression. So this is the chance for the car insurance industry to stop taking itself quite so seriously and give the people what they want at the lowest possible prices.


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