Jones/NCTI Adds to Their Training and Certification Curriculum

As the industry trailblazers of career progression, certification and college degrees, Jones/NCTI is continually updating and introducing essential content to ensure students stay ahead of technology in order to stay competitive in their careers.

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“Education in the broadband industry is changing and Jones/NCTI continues to be on the forefront of these changes.”-Vincent DiBiase, President

Centennial, CO (PRWEB) April 14, 2014

Last week, Jones/NCTI introduced five new courses into the broadband training and certification curriculum solidifying their place as the industry leader in technician and customer care career progression. These self-paced, online courses are part of a staggering list of more than 40 courses scheduled to be updated or released in 2014.

“We are excited to add these five new courses to our customer care bundle of educational products,” said Vincent DiBiase, President of Jones/NCTI. “These courses offer the student an opportunity to gain technical knowledge necessary to succeed in their career while also gaining the practical knowledge in how to manage customers.”

When companies have a dedication to quality customer service, it raises the bar of competition. As the first line of customer interaction, employees who have honed their service skills are in high demand. These new courses focus primarily on customer care professionals but any and all broadband cable professionals can benefit from taking them. Competitive Services, Delivering Video, Delivering Voice and Delivering Data are part of the Jones/NCTI Master Representative Program.

Competitive Services
This course takes the broadband cable professional on a ride through the competitive landscape of the broadband telecommunications industry. The regulatory issues surrounding competition is addressed for a deeper understanding of how we got to where we are.

Delivering Video
Students will learn what really distinguishes high-definition TV, as well as ultra-high-definition TV, from other types of video display technologies.

Delivering Voice
The student is walked through the service activation process and a PacketCable VoIP telephone call from start to finish.

Delivering Data
The student is walked through the service activation process of a broadband cable high-speed data customer.

Retaining Customers
Retaining Customers guides broadband professionals through basic problem resolution steps, dealing with irate customers, and handling a service cancellation request.

Completion time for each course varies based on the student’s self-study pace; however, they have up to four months to complete from the time of their enrollment. For the duration of their course, and for 60 days after, students will also have access to the widely popular Jones/NCTI Pocket Library to use as a reference/study tool.

“Education in the broadband industry is changing,” DiBiase added. “Jones/NCTI continues to be on the forefront of these changes.”

About Jones/NCTI
Jones/NCTI, Inc. is a leading provider of technical training, consulting services and education in the cable and broadband industry. Founded in 1968, Jones/NCTI has provided training to more than 400,000 broadband professionals. Jones/NCTI provides both companies and individuals with information tools, customized blends of paper-based and online training courses that mirror industry trends, assessments of workforce competencies, a broadband-specific college degree program and pre-employment skills testing development. Visit for additional information.