Autism Book Excerpt Offers Coping Strategies for Parents of Autistic Children at No Cost During National Autism Awareness Month

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Your Autism Coach, a leading autism parent coaching and seminar company, has released a free excerpt from its upcoming new book, The Autism Parents' Guide To Reclaiming Your Life. Parents can download the excerpt at or call (347) 869-4705 to request a copy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in 68 children in the U.S. has an autism spectrum disorder, which is an increase of over 30% from the 2008 CDC report. And behind these startling statistics are shocked, overwhelmed and unprepared parents, whose lives have been forever changed by an autism diagnosis.

Your Autism Coach (YAC), a leading autism parent coaching and seminar company, has published The Autism Parents’ Guide to Reclaiming Your Life. The book will be published in May 2014, but a free book excerpt is available now. This guide offers parents proven techniques and realistic strategies to meet the ever-increasing challenges of parenting a child with autism, while building a good life for themselves. It is designed for parents who have just been handed the diagnosis or been dealing with the autism journey for years. A copy of the book excerpt is available at no cost, by downloading it at Parents can also call (347) 869-4705 to request a copy.

When a diagnosis is confirmed, it’s like a hurricane centered on the child. There is a huge amount of activity and everything else is swept away – only the focus on the child remains. This often sets the pattern for the parents, putting the child as the number one priority and themselves a very distant second. That’s not a way of life that can be maintained. It’s a trap, and a recipe for burnout. Yet many parents never break free of that pattern.

“As a parent of an 18 year-old, non-verbal son, I know firsthand the unique challenges and special joys of raising a child with autism. Parents have to be proactive about seeking treatment for their children, but also realistic and honest to know they need help for themselves as well,” said Deanna Picon, Founder, Your Autism Coach. “Parents need to reclaim their lives and take control again. They don’t have to let autism define or defeat them. This insightful guide will empower parents to fight back against autism and win.”

According to Your Autism Coach, parents should consider applying these tips to start reclaiming their life:

  • Give Yourself Permission to Feel and Heal. An autism diagnosis is devastating and accepting a child who has a disability is not easy. Parents will experience a roller coaster of emotions such as denial, anger and hopelessness. These reactions are perfectly normal. It’s okay for parents to feel like they’ve lost control of their lives as they come to grips with what autism means for them and their family. Parents should take as much time as they need to process everything, whether it is days, months or years. There is no set timetable for healing and acceptance.
  • Take Pride in Your Family. So often, parents feel autism like a stigma, as if they have to walk around wearing a huge scarlet letter “A” on their chests. It’s easy to imagine that everybody is staring at them and whispering bad things behind their backs. But parents shouldn’t feel this way. In fact, they should turn that scarlet letter “A” into a badge of honor that proudly says “A+ Parent”.

All parents who stay and accept the challenges of raising a child with autism deserve a medal for courage. They have faced up to the responsibilities, even though it means braving unchartered territory. Because of their courage and determination, their child will have a better life. And there is a word to describe people who live up and face up to challenges – we call them heroes.

  • Create a battle plan. Parents want to give their special needs child and their whole family – including themselves – the best life that they can. But there is an enemy waiting to stop them; an enemy that can take away their mental and physical health, their time and money, their relationships, their career, and all the joy in their life…if they let it. The name of their enemy is autism. It’s time to declare war against it and learn how to fight back.

Your Autism Coach, a leading autism parent coaching and seminar company, provides individual coaching sessions, parent seminars and group presentations that address the issues, challenges and concerns of parents of autistic children. For further information, visit

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