Inner Strength Pilates Reveals New Facial Exercises

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Avoiding wrinkles and strengthening the facial muscles in general are two areas leading Australian Pilates company Inner Strength Pilates can help with. That was the promise of it's coach and MD Tamara Gollan.

Tamara Gollan

Tamara Gollan Inner Strength Pilates and Barre Adelaide

As we grow older, we start to get some droopiness through those lines that come from the nose down to the corner of the mouth.

The former professional dancer demonstrates just what is involved in these two recently introduced routines in two videos, which are highlighted in new blog posts on her website.

“As we grow older, we start to get some droopiness through those lines that come from the nose down to the corner of the mouth,” says Gollan, in the video How To Avoid Facial Wrinkles - Facial Pilates Exercise.

“I can show you a very simple exercise to help alleviate this. In order for the exercise to be effective, however, it’s crucial to ensure that your eyebrows aren’t engaged.”

Gollan goes on to demonstrate the exercise which involves opening the lips slightly and lifting the facial muscles up slightly towards the eye area. This should then be repeated between 10 and 20 times. For additional resistance it’s possible to hold the muscles up using the fingers.

It is easy to check whether or not the exercise is being performed properly by referring to a mirror, Gollan adds, in her blog post which contains the video and which is titled Pilates Exercise to Avoid Facial Wrinkles.

In the second video in her facial exercise series, Gollan demonstrates in her post titled Strengthen facial muscles exercise video, how it’s possible to perform a non-surgical ‘facelift’ on the self via an easy exercise routine which can be done easily at home.

Known as the Puckering Fish Wand, the exercise strengthens the cheek muscles and those in the face generally. It involves pursing the lips like a fish and, at the same time, attempting to smile whilst keeping the lips in the fish-like position. The smile should then be held for several minutes.

“This exercise is a little trickier to perform than the first facial exercise,” admits Gollan in the video How to Strengthen your Facial Muscles, “but it’s equally as effective. In fact, both these exercises will give you a guaranteed free facelift.”

More facial exercises, as well as those to strengthen and tone other parts of the body, can be found on Gollan’s website right here. Inner Strength Pilates is recognised as one of Australia’s leading Pilates and Barre coaching companies.

They offer a range of classes for various conditions such as lower back pain, pregnancy, sports injury, headaches etc at their three studios in Adelaide’s King William Road. A schedule of classes can be found on the website together with updated information and various video blog posts demonstrating exercises which can be tried at home.

It’s advisable though to make an appointment to speak with a coach prior to attempting to any of the more difficult exercises. Pregnant women, who are experiencing an ‘at risk’ pregnancy, should also seek their doctor’s advice before attending a Pilates or Barre exercise class.

Updated information on Inner Strength Pilates and any new coaching sessions is also available via the company’s social media channels Facebook and Google Plus.

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