Inner Strength Pilates Reveal New Exercise for Toning the Waist

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Tamara Gollan, Owner and coach at leading Australian Pilates and Barre outfit Inner Strength Pilates reveals a new and easy way for individuals to obtain a neat waist by strengthening their core muscles using a fit ball.

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You should notice a difference in your waistline within a couple of weeks.

All that’s necessary to perform the exercise, explains Gollan in her new Pilates blog article titled Tone the Waist Video – Inner Strength Pilates is access to a gym-size fit ball and a handy nearby wall. The wall is necessary to provide leaning support for the body while the fit ball provides a barrier between the body and the wall.

“What you have to do is put yourself between both the ball and wall,” says Gollan. “You do this by sitting on the fit ball. It’s then a case of putting your bottom onto the ball and then bringing both feet out so that they are against the wall.”

The next part of the exercise, which is also available to watch on the video Adelaide Pilates – Tone the Waist, is to put the leg closest to the ball out to the front and straighten the knee. The back leg should be bent and the foot up on the toe.

Squeezing the knees together, the hip should then be allowed to fit onto the ball. Both hips should be square with the wall and with the hands crossing in front (it is important to be careful not to twist the hips at this point).

The next step is to inhale and, in a very gentle fashion, move downwards towards the ground. Then it is a case of breathing in and moving slowly over the fit ball. To come back up again it’s necessary to exhale and, at the same time activate the stomach muscles and the pelvic floor area so that there is a very long reach in the body which extends all the way through the crown of the head, ensuring there is no tension in the neck. The spine should be as long as possible.

Once the exercise has been performed properly it is then time to swap round so that the body is facing the opposite direction. This is in order to exercise the other side of the body. The goal is to achieve 15 reps on either side before changing over and the slower the exercise is performed the more effective it is.

“If you are a beginner and never attempted this exercise before then I’d say 15 reps either side is definitely a good starting point,” said Gollan who trained and performed with a professional dance company in Australia for a number of years.

“Take the exercise slowly and as you improve at it, or feel it getting easier, start to build up the number of repetitions. You should notice quite a big difference within a couple of weeks – not just in terms of your waist circumference but also core body strength.”

Inner Strength Pilates offer a range of Pilates and Barre classes in Adelaide’s King William Road area. The classes are tailored to individual needs and there are specialist sessions covering particular health conditions such as headaches, pregnancy, lower back pain etc.

A timetable of classes can be found on the company’s official website and booking can be achieved online.

More information and advice on Pilates, as well as other videos demonstrating exercises, can be found online at Inner Strength Pilates Facebook page and Google Plus accounts. Coaches are also available for a chat either live on the website, via telephone or face-to-face at any of the company’s three studios.

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