Marijuana Celebrity Jason Scoby "The Bud Whisperer" Hosting Marijuana Class in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Cannabis Career Institute on April 13th

Jason Scoby, known in the cannabis industry as "The Bud Whisperer" because of his extremely rare talent of discerning strain and grow information will be host and special guest at the Fort Lauderdale Class this Sunday, along with Robert F. Calkin, the President of Cannabis Career Institute.

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CCI - providing Cannabis Training for the Business Side of the Medical Marijuana Industry. Contact CCI by visiting their website or by calling (800) 753-2240 and get professionally involved in one of the world's most lucrative industries.

Cannabis Career Institute Creates Medical Marijuana Industry Business Standards

Building your infrastructure in the upcoming marijuana industry before it becomes legal is the only way you will be ahead of the big companies that are coming in.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) April 11, 2014

With rare appearances at public conventions, Jason Scoby will be joining the all star hosts at Cannabis Career Institute on April 13th in Fort Lauderdale. Students going to the CCI class will be impressed with his extreme knowledge of strains, growing mediums and much more, simply by smell and touch of a specific bud of marijuana. Jason Scoby may come across as a humble individual, however his skills are sought after in the industry in the same way a high priced sommelier is brokered.

Cannabis Career Institute is the National Leader in providing education about the marijuana industry to students looking to learn what it takes to set up a proper infrastructure. With Florida laws getting ready to change in the very near future, entrepreneurs are setting up and gathering knowledge to make sure they are ahead of the game.

The classes focus on compliance and learning how to open up a delivery service, a medical marijuana dispensary, an edibles operation or even a grow operation - within the legal structures of the state's laws.

People involved in speaking at each class are industry experts and have a wide range of knowledge to share with students, while providing networking and established industry information. Learning to navigate the marijuana industry is half the battle, understanding compliance and regulations is also a large part - both things are taught about within the all day class.

Cannabis Career Institute has been highly scrutinized by the media and has passed with flying colors as being a valuable asset to the future of marijuana business. Educating students and getting them ready for the full range of needs they will have to open up a successful marijuana business when legislation is passed.