How the Gospels Were Created: Many Jesuses Found in Ancient Roman History

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A new book, Creating Christianity, proposes the idea that the Gospel stories were also expressed in Roman history. Ideas about faith, forgiveness and salvation, according to the author, can be found in ancient writings by writers such as Plutarch.

Finding Jesus in history is a lot easier than people think, says author Alex Anderson. While reading ancient authors such as Livy and Plutarch, Anderson was struck by certain parallels between historic events and those in the Gospels. If there is a connection, the Gospel stories cover more than seven centuries, from the founder of Rome, Romulus, to the time of second-century Hadrian.

"Many readers will be surprised to see that even the worst emperors, Caligula and Nero, were possible contributors to the stories in the Gospels. Caligula played a pivotal role in creating an insurrection with the Jews, and he inspired a holocaust in Alexandria. Nero was such a prominent hero to the Roman masses that they believed he would be resurrected--and impostors came out of the woodwork leading to three sightings after his death; the same number as Jesus," said Anderson.

The author also said that her book does not deny the existence of Jesus. In fact, the author upholds the premise that Jesus existed, but certain events in the Gospels may have been inspired by events elsewhere, such as Rome. Anderson found that ancient Roman and Jewish leaders influenced their societies in profound ways: "Through the writings of a few historians, we can glimpse the complexity of their belief systems."

Anderson's book is primarily a historical narrative. Creating Christianity is referenced using both historical authors and Gospel verse.

Alex Anderson is a student of anthropology, history, and philosophy. She holds a degree in cultural anthropology. The website is:

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