Dan Bloom Introduces Taiwanese Professor and Cli Fi Activist Richard Chen to 7 Speed Reading Readers, eReflect Announces

Cli-Fi is gaining momentum, Dan Bloom asserts. He recently introduced Richard Chen, a Taiwanese professor, to the 7 Speed Reading™ readers because the professor will be presenting his paper on Cli-Fi at an international cross-cultural conference in Taiwan later this spring.

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Speed reading fiction and other types of literature is rather uncommon, but reading more about this topic is essential for understanding.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) April 14, 2014

7 Speed Reading™ blog readers are familiar with Dan Bloom and his efforts to bring Cli-Fi into the spotlight so that more people become aware of the environmental hazards of modern lifestyles. Today, Dan Bloom introduces Taiwanese professor Richard Chen to the 7 Speed Reading™ community, eReflect announces.

Richard Chen has shown a keen interest in the up and coming Sci-Fi sub-genre, Cli-Fi. He has already written about it in a Taiwanese newspaper in an article titled “Not Just Science Fiction,” in which he presents to his Taiwanese readership the rise of this literary genre in the western world. The Taiwanese professor, who is now an activist and proponent of Cli-Fi, is making conscious efforts to make Cli-Fi widely known in Taiwan. His paper, which will be presented later in spring, is the first Cli-Fi paper in English to be presented in the wider Chinese region, a great step towards the promotion of Cli-Fi as a legitimate Sci-Fi subgenre.

eReflect, developer of the 7 Speed Reading™ software program that allows people to speed read, finds the initiatives of people like Dan Bloom and Richard Chen noteworthy and valuable contributions towards more green lifestyles and environmentally conscious businesses. Literature is a foolproof way for approaching people and introducing them to new discourses that are inextricably connected with the present, and the fate of future generations.

Cli-Fi is becoming more widespread as people are beginning to realize and justify the need for a literary discourse around this pressing matter, something that concerns every single person on the planet. Speed reading fiction and other types of literature is rather uncommon, but reading more about this topic is essential for understanding. If people are able to read faster and take in all of the information being published on this issue, then they can use the time they save to take actual steps towards a more consciously green society wherever they are in the world, eReflect reminds its readers and software users.

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