Simple Sensory Ideas Have Been Released on Kids Activities Blog

Simple sensory ideas and quiet play tips have been published on Kids Activities Blog. Ignite sensory play in young children today.

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sensory ideas

sensory ideas

Shaving cream provides hours of sensory playtime.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Sensory play is important for kids of all ages. Fantastic sensory ideas and quiet play tips have been published on Kids Activities Blog. Stimulating the kids senses encourages them to explore more.

Seasoned Moms are sharing simple and inexpensive ways to ignite sensory play. Shaving cream makes a great medium for sensory play. Shaving cream is inexpensive and easy to clean up.

Making gooey ziplock bags out of baking soda and vinegar is both fun and easy to do. Let the kids choose their favorite food coloring to dye the mixture.

Another ingenious idea is to let the kids have a blast with shredded paper. Simply put a table cloth beneath the play area and let them have a blast. Activity cubes, foam doughs, lights, and cloud dough are other great sensory ideas.

Quiet play activities are great for kids who are too old to take naps yet still need quiet time to avoid falling asleep before dinner time. These activities are great for kids who need to decompress if the day had been too busy.

Felt tangrams or geometric shaped puzzles to create fun images are both easy to make and easy to bring anywhere. Making a felt book with lots of interactive pages is easy with the tutorial on Kids Activities Blog.

Creating a mess free ice cream making set out of felt will delight boy and girls. The felt pieces make great refrigerator art, too. A set of felt faces with all kinds of expressions, and a variety of felt puzzle ideas are great for Moms on the go.

For detailed instructions and to get additional fun ideas, check out Kids Activities Blog this week. Come get inspired to let the kids discover new things with sensory play.

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Kids Activities Blog is a website created by two moms (who collectively have 9 children), Rachel Miller and Holly Homer from June Cleaver Nirvana. It is their daily goal to inspire parents and teachers to play with kids. This interactive website publishes simple things to do with kids twice a day. Kids Activities Blog is a great tool for moms and teachers to find kid-friendly activities that create memories and sneak learning into the fun.



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