Hackers and Information Security Professionals Expose Latest in Malware, Digital Crime, and Internet Fraud at HackMiami 2014 Hacking Conference

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Preparation begins for a weekend of intense training courses, back to back conference talks, and speakers from respected threat intelligence organizations and notorious hacking crews.

HackMiami 2014 Hackers Conference - http://www.hackmiami.com

HackMiami 2014 Hackers Conference - http://www.hackmiami.com

A convergence of hackers, information security professionals, hacktivists, and threat intelligence researchers will arrive at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront Hotel the weekend of May 9, 2014 through May 11, 2014 for the HackMiami 2014 Hackers Conference in Miami Beach, FL.

The HackMiami Conference will provide a forum for the most skilled hackers within the underground to showcase cutting edge hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies.

A limited number of tickets for the conference and training seminars are available for purchase online at HackMiami.com.


Presentations will be hosted by Dave Marcus, the head of threat intelligence at Intel Security, who will examine the latest trends in bulk malware campaigns, such as infection vectors, methods, and tools. Christopher Elisan, lead malware scientist at EMC RSA Threat Labs will also showcase the latest MacOS trojan infection samples as they relate to ransomware campaigns.

A special presentation by Dave Monnier, the Director of Threat Intelligence and Outreach at Team Cymru will examine the case of hundreds of thousands of compromised routers being used for botnet style DDoS attacks. These particular attacks may have had a potential connection to organized crime groups, and the evidence will be examined and analyzed.

Additional security professionals and hackers from around the world will reveal their latest research covering the topics of mobile phone exploitation, VoIP attacks, network penetration testing, web application vulnerability analysis, wireless hacking techniques, social engineering methods, and more.

Visit HackMiami.com for a complete list of conference speakers and talks.


The HackMiami 2014 Hackers Conference is proud to host comprehensive all day training courses that are proctored by some of the most well respected information security professionals on the planet.

Training courses take place on Friday, May 9, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Oceanfront Hotel in Miami Beach, FL.

Enterprise Penetration Testing Methods with Rod Soto - Friday - May 9, 2014 - This comprehensive course will go over the tools and methodologies that are used during penetration tests in enterprise network environments. The course will utilize a lab environment for hands on instruction of manual penetration testing methods, as well as training on the use of exploitation frameworks, such as Metasploit.

This course will focus on methodology, processes, tools, and techniques. By the end of the course, the student will have an understanding of the underlying workings of network exploitation, and will have experience in the successful execution of attacks.

The course is perfect for those seeking to enter the information security career field, as well as those seeking to develop the skills and experience needed to succeed as a penetration tester.

The course is taught by Rod Soto, co-founder of HackMiami and creator of the Kommand and Kontroll (K&&K) CTF Hacking Tournament.

Secure Coding Bootcamp wth Jim Manico - Friday - May 9, 2014 - This course will provide an highly intensive and interactive 1-day course provides essential application security training for web application, webservice and mobile software developers and architects.

The class is a combination of lecture, security testing demonstration and code review. Students will learn the most common threats against applications. More importantly, students will learn how to code secure web solutions via defense-based code samples.

The Secure Coding Bootcamp is taught by Jim Manico, world renowned author, Secure-Coding Instructor, and OWASP Global Board Member

Web Application Hacking and Server Takeover with Matias Katz - Friday - May 9, 2014- This course will examine methods used to compromise and use web servers making use of different tools and methods. Students will understand how to make use of chained exploitation against multiple vulnerabilities in a realistic lab environment.

The Web Appication and Server Takeover course is taught by Matias Katz, the founder of Andsec and a known speaker who has presented at BlackHat, Ekoparty, H2HC, Campus party, OWASP and many other information security conferences.

About HackMiami 2014 Hackers Conference

The HackMiami Hackers Conference seeks to bring together the brightest minds within the information security industry and the digital underground. This conference will showcase cutting edge tools, techniques, and methodologies that are at the forefront of the global threat landscape. Conference dates May 9th to May 11th 2014 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Last year, the HackMiami 2013 Hackers Conference was featured in Rolling Stone magazine. Many other major mainstream media outlets have featured coverage of HackMiami events, as they showcase as a different side of the information security community that emphasizes research on underground offensive security methodologies.

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