Choosing a Mobile Plan Is Tough, Now There’s an App for That; it's like Expedia for Mobile Plan

Snoobe is a downloadable app that analyzes the local data in your mobile phone, such as monthly internet bandwidth, call times, text volume and long distance minutes. Then it compares your profile to a multitude of plans on the market in your area. (by Thierry Marechal)

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Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Snoobe® Launches in the US to Give Americans Options for Better Pricing on Cell Phone Service

Snoobe announces the much anticipated US launch of their app’s Beta version available now in the Google Play Store. The revolutionary Snoobe app will change how Americans approach their mobile service plans.

Already saving Beta testers in Canada an average of $300 a year on their cell service, the Snoobe app is leveling the mobile plan playing field in the US as well. Celebrating the US Beta launch of the app in Google Play Store, Snoobe helps Americans save money via instant plan-to-plan transparency. Branded as “The Robin Hood Of The Wireless Industry” with a swashbuckling approach, the app searches mobile usage in real-time then tracks plans that slash the price of what the user’s currently paying. Without Merry Men in tow, the Snoobe app fights on behalf of the 75% of North American mobile users who pay more for service plans than they should.

Having shown enterprising success in Montreal by taking second place in the 2013 International Startup Festival Snoobe is to mobile consumers what Expedia is to travelers. Thierry Marechal, Founder of Snoobe said of the gallant app, “North Americans pay some of the highest prices for cell service in the world. The sad truth is, we’re sold plans we don’t need and don’t understand. Using Snoobe as an independent advocate we’ve taken an active step toward much needed change.”

Putting the information into the hands of those who need it most the Snoobe app, on Android and soon available in Apple iOS as well, gives consumers options. By tracking the mobile customer’s actual data, voice and text usage it then searches the service providers who offer a monthly plan that is more suitable to their needs. Taking the lead it then proposes a cheaper and better alternative from all available plans in the area.

Download the Android App on

About Snoobe:

Snoobe is a FREE mobile app that analyses the 3 last months of actual usage of your mobile phone (incoming call, outgoing call, night & weekend, top 10, data usage, long distance, and also quality of service) our algorithms build the profile user’s and in less than 1 minute, right after the first installation, snoobe compares all major plans based on real data; no more guess work. Snoobe make your smartphone smarter.

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email: tmarechal(at)snoobe(dot)com

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The recommendation screen of Snoobe Snoobe App

The recommendation screen of Snoobe

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Snoobe mascot

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