Mobile Gets Serious With Hardcore Gaming Accessories

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AppTrigger, a mobile gaming gun gets kickstarted. The AppTrigger replaces tapping and swiping for the feel of pulling back a trigger and acting out the game.

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Developer's first-person shooters games are lost behind the touchscreen, the experience never truly felt by the gamer.

AppTrigger Touch supports 170 first person shooters games and growing on any smart phone or tablet no matter the OS. AppTrigger Blue translates your motion in real time to the character from hand gestures, head gestures, body position, jump, voice control, hit anywhere on it to reload. Even innovative button placement like the trigger (shoot) and move joystick into a seamless motion.

The AppTrigger Touch uses Artificial Touch, a slender, durable and flexible arm that retracts and extends out from the AppTrigger in front of the tablet or smartphone on a pivot. The tip of the arm can reach any fire button on the device screen by merely maneuvering it to the fire button. An electrical charge from the user is transmitted up the arm and onto the tip. Despite the tip never leaving the screen, the touchscreen thinks that it’s being tapped when the trigger is pulled. The AppTrigger Blue uses three electromagnetic sensors one for head gestures, second for hand gestures and the third facing down for body orientation. When the electro magnetic signal is interacted with either by the hands, head or floor, the signal is sent to the iPhone Bluetooth 4.0, the signal is then received by an FPS app using Apples made for iPhone third-party controller support or a similar counterpart on Android Kitkat telling the game to apply the proper reaction depending on which signal was activated.

Roger Romero, CEO of ModdedApps, said, “The experience the AppTrigger delivers is in between xbox, iPad and oculus rift. The portability and ease of access of mobile, hardcore feel of console, and the immersive 360 sphere experience of a head mounted VR display. Giving all the benefits of each one with none of the disadvantages.”

ModdedApps currently has no brand recognition, so we cannot afford bringing a conventional product to market. Instead, we are betting that mobile is already a serious gaming platform, and will become increasingly so. Our success depends on that revolutionary concept. And because we’re in this for keeps, our pursuit of innovative concepts to drive the mobile gaming experience is second to none, giving us an edge that we believe will eventually bring us to prominence.

Roger Romero, CEO of ModdedApps, said, “Mobile games and gamers are shunned by the rest of the more traditional gaming platforms and their users. Just like computer gamers loathe console gamers, because of some belief that it doesn't hold up to the intensity, skills and quality compared to the platform of their choosing, there are games on mobile where there isn't a trick on how to beat it overnight, where it isn’t repetitive, where the gameplay is constantly changing and online multiplayer is engaging. This is because there are developers out there now that know hardcore on mobile is possible. The hope is to give these games a way to be experienced beyond the touchscreen, possibly more than any platform has to offer and differentiate then from the overwhelming number of mass market time filler games.”

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