Freeslate Announces Integration and Automation of Wyatt Technology Dynamic Light Scattering System to Support Biologic Drug Development

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Freeslate’s Physical and Digital Integration Solutions Deliver Seamless Automation and Data Sharing to Accelerate Decision Making

While we provide best-in-class automation platforms, we know that offering a solution that really accelerates productivity requires us to integrate into the way our clients work.

Freeslate, Inc., the leading provider of high throughput research solutions for biopharmaceutical development, today announced the integration of its Biologics Formulation System with the market-leading automated dynamic light scattering (DLS) instrument, the DynaPro (R) Plate Reader II from Wyatt Technology Corporation.

Automated DLS, which quantifies sizes and size distributions from 0.5 nm to 1000 nm in radius, is used for the analysis of proteins and their aggregates, as well as promiscuous inhibitors and other nanoparticles in solution. It is a critical analytic for the assessment of protein stability in biotherapeutics, measuring simultaneous conformational and colloidal stability profiles over a range of buffer conditions and excipients.

Based on the CM3 automation platform, the Freeslate Biologics Formulation System offers high throughput with rapid, automated formulation, stressing, and analysis. Adding the integration of the DynaPro Plate Reader II provides sub-micron particle analysis to complement Freeslate’s high throughput visible particle analysis, viscosity measurement, and pH analysis.

“The full automation of the DynaPro Plate Reader II with Freeslate’s Biologics Formulation System allows users to dramatically increase the throughput of their analysis,” said Dr. Daniel Some, Director of Marketing at Wyatt Technology Corp. “The ability to prepare, stress, and analyze all in one workflow means greater efficiency and enhanced decision making for our users.”

“We understand our customers’ critical R&D challenges and offer solutions that drive faster, better decision making,” said John S. Senaldi, President and CEO of Freeslate. “While we provide best-in-class automation platforms, we know that offering a solution that really accelerates productivity requires us to integrate into the way our clients work. Delivering full automation for critical analytical tools like the Wyatt DLS plate reader is another step in driving dramatic gains in productivity.”

Wyatt’s DynaPro Plate Reader II is the only high throughput DLS system to perform measurements in situ in industry-standard, 96, 384, or 1536 microwell plates, thereby eliminating carryover, dilution, and lag time arising from microfluidic sampling. In addition to quantitative DLS characterization, an integrated hi-magnification camera photographs each well to identify problematic sites containing non-soluble detritus such as precipitates or bubbles.

Freeslate’s Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software seamlessly manages the entire experimental process from design and execution to data analysis and report sharing. It allows users to design complex experiments quickly using its logical, recipe-oriented approach, and experimental conditions can be linked to analytical data for easy viewing and reporting. Using LEA, third party equipment such as the Wyatt DLS plate reader (i.e., process control, data capture, and analysis) is fully integrated with Freeslate robotic components and sample data is directly linked to the processing steps and analytical results.

Other standard integrations available with the Biologics Formulation System include on-deck third party instruments such as UV-Vis Plate Reader, centrifuge, plate sealer, and shaking incubator for fully automated sample processing and analysis, and off-deck analytical instruments digitally integrated include UPLC, HPLC, cIEF, and cSDS.

About Freeslate

Freeslate is a privately held company providing laboratory automation products that dramatically improve the productivity and innovation of drug development organizations. For more than a decade, Freeslate has been working with customers to automate complex chemical research processes. Our resulting product line includes solutions for protein and vaccine drug formulation development, small molecule solubility, and polymorph screening and process chemistry. We start with a scientific understanding of our customer’s bottlenecks and utilize our robust and proprietary automation platforms and integrated Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software suite to deliver solutions that make a difference. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with direct sales and service in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

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