Steven R. Gerst of SRG Consulting Discusses Health Informatics: Integrating Science and Technology Will be Crucial to the Affordable Care Act Reforms

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Dr. Steven R Gerst is an innovator in the field of Health Informatics, a field that is setting new standards in healthcare. Learn more at:

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Steven R. Gerst SRG Consulting

I chose to go into health informatics because of the job opportunities. The U.S. healthcare system is by far the largest industry in the world, with currently over 2.9 trillion dollars or 17.6 percent of our economy going to 4.8 trillion meaning over 20%.

Healthcare in the United States is on the verge of a major shift. The latest advancements in research and technology provide the potential to increase patient longevity, and streamline the practice of medicine. The Affordable Care Act's goal is to cut costs by making health insurance more affordable. Health Informatics has become a crucial component in cutting costs and improving up to date system-wide knowledge of patients' needs. Health informatics has gained in popularity recently as a result of the Affordable Care Act mandate for electronic medical records.

Health Informatics is the realization of that potential of streamlining the healthcare system. Health Informatics is the integration of information technology, computer science and health care, with the goal of developing systems that will create improved operating capabilities in three basic sectors of health care: clinical, administrative and economic.

Health Informatics facilitates the collection, organization, and securing of information systems and health related data in order to greatly improve the delivery of health care to patients. It also creates a standardized method for billing, storing medical records, and exchanging medical information between health care providers. Health Informatics also advances the development of information systems that aid in vital clinical research.

A new segment of workers will be needed by hospitals and medicare staff to handle technology support and the implementation of data systems required to adhere to ACA.

Dr. Steven R Gerst with SRG Consulting: Leading Expert in the Field of Health Informatics.

Dr. Steven R. Gerst is a top expert in the field of Health Informatics, having graduated from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (M.D.), Columbia College (B.A.), Columbia School of Public Health (M.B.A.) and the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University (M.B.A.). For more information about Dr. Gerst, go to

He has worked with the Broward Health System, Memorial Health System and Jackson Memorial Health System on projects involving Florida Statewide ITN Medicaid, impacting over 500,000 Medicaid patients in South Florida.

Dr. Steven Gerst is also the Dean Emeritus of the Masters of Science Program in Applied Health Informatics at Bryan University, where he also serves as on the Board of Advisors and is a member of the faculty. Additionally, Dr. Gerst serves as an Adjunct Biomedical Informatics professor at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Davie, Florida.

In a recent comment, Dr. Steven Gerst talks about the importance of health informatics and why he went into the field.

“I chose to go into health informatics because of the job opportunities. The U.S. healthcare system is by far the largest industry in the world, with currently over 2.9 trillion dollars or 17.6 percent of our economy going to 4.8 trillion meaning over 20% of our 14 trillion dollar economy in the next 8 years. Most of that is going to be spent on patient care and health informatics in order to manage these patients.” This video explains the importance of the health informatics field, especially in light with the major changes going on in health insurance reform in the last couple of years.

New workers will be needed to manage health care records of millions of individuals who need urgent care from doctors, whether treatment is needed in primary care facilities, hospitals, urgent care clinics, or community clinics.

Dr. Gerst lectures on the new reforms in ACA. He is also a Diplomat in the American College of Healthcare Executives and is currently completing his Doctorate in Business Administration and Masters in Taxation. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors of Allevion, Inc., an “early stage Healthcare Logistics Company.”

Dr. Steven R. Gerst SRG Consulting: Sharing and achieving a vision to improve health care overall.

When full, wide spread implementation is achieved between primary care, general, and specialized practices, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities, Health Informatics enables seamless communication between health care providers, making vital data immediately accessible to them. This results in improved patient care, better health outcomes for patients, stronger clinician-patient relationships, and restructured clinical support systems.

Health Informatics includes the development of tools that promote patient care which is effective, timely, safe, patient focused, and unbiased. Dr. Steven R. Gerst educates others in the healthcare industry on Health Informatics, which focuses on the study of methods, devices, and resources for the management of health information.

To learn more about the groundbreaking field of Health Informatics and Dr. Steven R. Gerst, visit

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