Stretching the Limits of Art on Canvas and the Demand for Over-sized Art

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Canvas Stretching Machine LLC has redesigned their largest canvas stretching machine; the ProMod-8...a 10' is available on request.

Gallery stretcher


Our new ProMod-8 is well suited for high-production and over-sized art.

Canvas Stretching Machine LLC announced that it has redesigned their largest canvas stretching machine, the ProMod-8, which will stretch a full 96" x 96" canvas print. A 10' model is also available on request.

The demand for over-sized art has created an even greater demand for machines to stretch the art. The ProMod series was developed at the request of existing customers that had a need for precise and consistent stretches as mandated by the owners. These high-production facilities generate 4000-6000 stretches a month and their customers demand exacting results. Transient workers randomly changed the stretching pressure resulting in inconsistent stretches.

The ProMod-8 is still a bench-mounted design but it now comes with a universal mounting system for quick installation. Dual foot-pedals at the base of the machine allow the operator to control the stretching and the clamping without having to reach to the far side of the machine. In place of the old control panel is an articulating control box with dual-stage controls. Each stage is preset to 20 and 40 psi but can be adjusted by the operator to suit their individual needs.

The Gallery Stretcher dramatically reduces the time it takes to stretch a printed canvas. It typically takes at least 15-30 minutes to stretch a 96" x 96" canvas using traditional methods; the ProMod-8 can stretch the same canvas in 3 minutes or less.

"The Gallery Stretchers we produce are designed for high-production facilities. They work on a horizontal plane and all of the stapling is done from the front, the solution to producing several thousand stretches a month is not dependent on any one machine. There is no single machine that is capable of producing that many stretches a month. The solution is to have several economical machines arranged in an effective array," says co-owner Dave Weaver. "The most effective array we have seen implemented by our customers is with (3) machines of various sizes, with (3) machine operators and (2) free-floating personnel to create the starter course, stage the frames, cut excess canvas and embellish the corners as needed," adds Weaver, Canvas Stretching Machine co-founder.

The Gallery Stretchers are designed to be bench-mounted, allowing the users to easily and comfortably maneuver artwork on a seamless work surface. Operators do not have to work at awkward angles because all of the stapling is done from the front and the artwork is always visible. "Alignment of the artwork is the key to producing a tight stretch," says co-owner Greg Moulin. "That is why we stress the importance of creating a 'starter course,' it is the only way to properly align the artwork and ensure that it stays aligned during the entire process," adds Greg.

Canvas Stretching Machine has been offering its Gallery Stretchers to custom frame shops, printers and artists since 2008.


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