New Ethnic Inspirations Collection of Seasonings Introduced by Fuchs

Fuchs North America's new collection of seasonings, marinades, and flavor bases celebrate the world of fascinating flavors inspired by diverse culinary traditions.

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Baltimore, Maryland (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

Fuchs North America, a leading supplier of seasonings, flavor systems, and taste solutions to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries, introduces its Ethnic Inspirations Collection – a new line of ten distinctive seasonings, marinades, and flavor bases that celebrate the world’s rich culinary diversity.

These items are also the starting point for developing unique custom product offerings for foodservice customers, as well as processed food products for the grocery and retail food segments.

Included in Fuchs’ new Ethnic Inspirations Collection are the following items:

  • African Barbecue Marinade
  • Gochujang Seasoning
  • Kashmiri Lamb Seasoning
  • Mojo Dressing Base
  • Pho Base
  • Piri-Piri Chicken Rub
  • Ramen Soup Base
  • South American Black Sauce
  • Vietnamese Dressing Base
  • Yucatán Peninsula BBQ Seasoning

According to Howard Cantor, Fuchs North America’s corporate research chef, the new Ethnic Inspirations Collection builds on the traditional elements of national cuisines while adding some unique twists.

“Consider Asian cuisine,” Cantor noted. “There is endless debate over just how many culinary styles there are. Each of them developed over the centuries as a result of many factors like geography, climate, and the social history of the various regions. China alone has at least four or five major styles of cuisine.”

East Asian and South Asian cookery is spotlighted in Fuchs’ new Ethnic Inspirations Collection with items such as Piri-Piri Chicken Rub, Kashmiri Lamb Seasoning, plus several flavor bases and dressings.

“We’ve drawn inspiration from all sorts of ingredients and flavors that are traditional elements of Asian cuisine – ranging from ginger, onion, and garlic to pungent chilies, vinegar, and soy,” Cantor said. “The end result is bold, new flavors that are sure to add zest to menu and prepared food offerings. There’s nothing ‘routine’ about these flavors!”

The new Fuchs collection also draws inspiration from Latin culinary traditions, with offerings like South American Black Sauce, Yucatán Peninsula BBQ Seasoning, and Mojo Dressing Base.

“Latin cuisine is packed with flavor,” Cantor noted. “It’s a veritable explosion of taste sensations ranging from basic to complex, derived from chilies of all types plus distinctive herbs like cilantro, various spices, and foods like onions, garlic, lemons, and limes.”

Cantor points out a common misconception concerning Latin cuisine – that it is heavy and overly spiced. “Those qualities may pertain to what is known as ‘Tex-Mex’ foods, but that’s not what we’re striving to achieve in our offerings,” he observed.

“Instead, we’re capturing the true depth of flavor that characterizes the cuisine of Latin America’s coastal regions as much as its interior deserts and mountains. The taste is savory and earthy – but it’s also subtle flavors,” Cantor emphasized.

Rounding out the Ethnic Inspirations Collection is African Barbeque Marinade, a new offering that draws its distinctive qualities from the pungent culinary traditions of Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s a surprisingly unique marinade that promises to be very popular.

According to Patrick Laughlin, Director of Marketing, the process by which Fuchs North America develops new seasonings, mixes, and flavors in the Ethnic Inspirations Collection and its other products is both a science and an art.

“We’re continually focused on evolving consumer taste preferences, but we also experiment with many combinations of flavors,” Laughlin noted. “We want to help our food manufacturing customers lead the way when it comes to new taste sensations – to be distinct, not just like everyone else,” he added.

Laughlin reported that Fuchs North America’s approach is to work with customers “to go from concept to manufacturing to delivery” of an approved flavor as quickly as possible.

“Because we have a wide range of flavor bases at-the-ready, we can provide samples for immediate testing. Then we work with each customer to customize and refine the flavor to attain just the right taste characteristics they’re seeking,” Laughlin stated.

Laughlin reported that the development process from concepting to delivery can happen in a matter of a few weeks – or sometimes in just days. “That kind of schedule is a huge benefit when customers are under tight product development timeframes,” he said.

For more information about Fuchs North America’s new Ethnic Inspirations Collection and to request complimentary samples, contact Patrick Laughlin, Director of Marketing, at 443-544-1228 or plaughlin(at)fuchsnorthamerica(dot)com. You may also visit

About Fuchs North America

Fuchs North America is a leading producer and supplier of value-added seasonings, spices, and flavor systems to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries.

In 2014, the company is celebrating 75 years in the industry, with a heritage that extends back to 1939 as Baltimore Spice Company. The firm specializes in the development of full flavor systems, custom flavor profiles, and seasoning products – including supporting some of the world’s largest and best-recognized food brands.

Fuchs North America’s seasoning specialists are experts in anticipating and identifying consumer trends, and converting them into successful flavor profiles. They work closely with food technologists and product development personnel at client companies to design distinctive, differentiated flavor systems. Fuchs products are made in a precision processing environment that ensures consistent, repeatable quality, order to order.

Since 1990, Fuchs North America has been part of the worldwide Fuchs Group, the largest privately held spice and seasoning company in the industry. The Fuchs Group serves food manufacturing, foodservice, and retail segments, backed by secure, quality sourcing plus state-of-the-art production facilities on four continents.