Latest FICO Survey Predicts Greatest Increase in Delinquency Rates For Auto Loans and Credit Cards in Years works to offer solid economic solutions and resources nationwide, sharing critical information with consumers about all things credit including, loans, credit monitoring and credit repair.

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Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) April 18, 2014

The most recent quarterly survey, published January 14, 2014 conducted for FICO, Fair Isaac Corporation, a leader in predictive analytics and decision making software, indicates North American bankers recently surveyed predict the highest delinquency rates for auto loans and credit card accounts since the fourth quarter in 2012. In the survey, found on FICO's consumer site 34 percent of respondents said they expected delinquencies on auto loans to rise over the next six months, while 28 percent predict an increase in credit card delinquencies as well,

The survey, conducted for FICO by the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA), raises questions about the impact of delinquent credit behavior on the lending market in general.

“While the delinquency predictions in our survey aren’t alarming, lenders will be keeping a close eye on these trends,” said Dr. Andrew Jennings, chief analytics officer at FICO and head of FICO Labs. “Banks are walking a fine line – trying to grow their lending portfolios without taking excessive risks. But given that credit card delinquencies are near their lowest level since the Fed began tracking them in the 1990s, a small uptick is to be expected and shouldn’t spook lenders. A slight increase in delinquencies is normal when availability of credit expands and borrowing increases.”

A detailed report of the survey can be found at,

Additional Credit Information

In efforts to reach out to consumers who would not otherwise qualify for better interest rates and credit terms, introduces its new credit repair section. The recently created area offers key information to help individuals rebuild damaged credit and begin to develop important creditor relationships once again.

Site users will learn about the pros and cons of self-credit repair vs. professional services,, and the role played by credit bureaus in consumer credit,