New Jersey Contractors Offer Improved Air Duct Repair

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AttiCares' New Jersey Contractors, announce improved techniques for air duct repair.


Air ducts are the most important system in a home; they function as the lungs of the home. When ducts are poorly sealed or insulated they are likely contributing to higher energy bills. NJ insulation installers at AttiCare today announced the most beneficial ways to repair a home’s air ducts to ensure clean, healthy air.

A home air duct system is a network of tubes that branch throughout the walls, floors, and ceilings, carrying air from the furnace or air conditioner to all rooms of a house. When ducts leak heated air into unheated spaces of the home, it can add hundreds of dollars every year to heating and cooling bills. Repairing and insulating ducts in these spaces is highly cost-effective.

Sealing ducts is even more important if the ducts are leaking into attic or crawlspace areas. Heated or cooled air that leaks out of these unsealed supply ducts is lost. Likewise, unconditioned air can be drawn into ducts through unsealed joints, causing uneven heating or cooling.

Duct repair is a common issue especially for older duct systems. There are several problems that can indicate a need for duct work, including: discoloration on insulation that is wrapped around ducts; ducts that need to be cleaned frequently; and rooms that are difficult to heat or cool or always seem stuffy in the winter months.

When duct systems are streamlined and running efficiently, there is an obvious change in the distribution of air flow and a resulting greater comfort from room to room. This also helps to ensure that no contaminated air is leaking in through the ducts to prevent against irritants and allergens in indoor air. Most importantly, duct repair can save hundreds of dollars on annual energy costs. Insulation companies in NJ can’t compare with the improvements in air quality and savings on monthly utility costs that AttiCare offers its clients!

About AttiCare:
AttiCare is an Eastern insulation NJ company offering attic clean-up services based out of Alameda, California and Secaucus, New Jersey. They have been effectively serving the entire San Francisco Bay area and Northern New Jersey area for more than fifteen years.

They are the largest company in the Bay Area and N. New Jersey which specializes in attic cleanup, crawl space cleaning, rodent control and rodent removal, as well as foam insulation NJ, attic insulation removal, and air duct repair and replacement, and . AttiCare is a company of consciously grounded with high regard for customer satisfaction.

They offer:

  •     Attic insulation to help families best protect their homes,
  •     Crawl space insulation and removal for fixing and replacing air ducts and upgrading insulation,
  •     Air duct repair and replacement throughout a house to ensure acceptable air quality and thermal comfort is flowing throughout the house,
  •     Insulation removal to rid the house of all old and infected insulation, and
  •     Rodent proofing to keep unwanted rodents out of the house for good.

AttiCare knows the value of family and they thrive to offer the best services and best quality of business to insure comfort. They offer only the best insulation to both the San Francisco Bay Area and the Northern New Jersey locations to provide homes with the best attics possible. For contact, please call 888.743.7243 or visit

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