JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC Recognizes Autism Awareness Month by Releasing Information From Interview on Autism Facts and Treatment

The makers of EnLyte Advanced Generation Folate Therapy are sharing educational information on autism facts and treatment.

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EnLyte With Delta Folate

We are committed to sharing Dr. Ginsberg's expert insight on the health and treatment of those impacted by Autism. Angela Hall, JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Sunset, Louisians (PRWEB) April 18, 2014

Autism has increased 78% in the last decade. There is still a lot to learn about the disorder, and JayMac Pharmaceuticals sat down with noted psychiatrist, Lawrence Ginsberg, MD recently to discuss the topic. Dr. Ginsberg is an international authority in psychiatry and psychopharmacology, and runs a thriving practice, Red Oak Psychiatry, in Houston, TX.

Adequate prenatal care is vital; however, addressing the needs of the unique system of the existing autism spectrum individual is also critical. According to Dr. Ginsberg, factors like diet restrictions, absorption issues, and genetic factors-most notably the MTHFR defect-are unique and significant to autism, being major players in decreasing the body's ability to absorb B vitamins. Furthermore, he has found an incidence as high as 90% of the MTHFR defect in his practice in patients with autism spectrum disorders-meaning as much as a 70% reduction in their ability to use certain B vitamins.

The Autism Society has been in favor of supplements for years, Dr. Ginsberg states, and he finds many parents welcome an alternative to antipsychotics. The right supplement-with all the methylated components-can have a positive impact on the quality of life, helping to manage some associated symptoms and behaviors.

Dr. Ginsberg: "I have used EnLyte in autism spectrum patients in conjunction with other therapies when there is a suspected or known L-methylfolate deficiency and/or deficiency of other methylated B vitamins such as B6 or B12."

For a copy of Dr. Ginsberg's interview, contact Angela Hall, Media Manager, JayMac Pharmaceuticals: angelaenlyte(at)gmail(dot)com.

Learn more about Lawrence Ginsberg, MD at http://www.RedOakPsychiatry.Com.

Learn more about supplementing with folate therapy at http://www.EnLyteRx.Com.