The World’s Largest Online STD Community Aids STD Awareness Month

April is the official STD Awareness Month and aids this campaign by increasing awareness relating to STD’s by providing three top tips.

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Los Angeles California (PRWEB) April 18, 2014, the largest online community and dating website for people who live with HIV, Herpes, HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD), has today announced that it is raising the awareness of sexually transmitted diseases during the official STD Awareness Month by providing three effective ways in which people can learn more about the dangers of unprotected sex.

These three effective ways do not only extend the reader's knowledge on STDs, but also shed light on the terrible life and upheavals people who are living with an STD have to endure.

Top 1 - Films
There are many films related to STDs, with the most famous and recent one being the Oscar-winner, Dallas Buyers Club. This is a 2013 American biographical drama film and mainly portrays a story about an electrician called Ron Woodroof who is infected with HIV. When Ron is diagnosed as being HIV positive, he finds himself isolated by his family and friends, gets fired from his job, and is eventually evicted from his home. The film won the Best Actor in a Leading Role for Matthew McConaughey who played Ron Woodroof and the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Jared Leto.

Dallas Buyers vividly displays how easily people get infected and how they are left emotionally and physically drained. The movie sheds light on the suffering and pain caused by an STD, but more importantly, how easy it is to get infected, which can wreck the carrier’s life and the lives of their loved ones.

Top 2 - STD Articles on Popular Sites
There are thousands of articles published weekly on STDs within popular magazines and websites. Some report on the latest scientific studies, some are new discoveries, whilst other articles dwell on STD stories and news from people who are infected. Not all these articles can attract people’s attention. Unlike films, STD articles give the reader the scope to truly imagine what it would be like if they themselves were the one suffering with an STD. Some press releases disclosing that hundreds of people were infected deliberately always astonish people.

Top 3 - STD Communities and Organizations
There are plenty of Communities and Organizations all over the world that cater to helping STD carriers cope as well as their families by providing numerous activities every year. They spread their knowledge about STD’s through their websites, social media, videos, lectures, and publications. Various Organizations speak publicly, including giving speeches in schools, which can help raise awareness among the younger society.

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