A&S Case Company, Inc. Introduces a New Product Line

As the leading manufacturer of Custom ATA cases, A&S responds to their customers when different and innovative challenges are required. A&S proudly introduces… the A&S SLANT™ lift case.

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North Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

To provide excellent protection in transit for their customers’ interactive touchscreens and digital signage, as well as to mitigate or prevent damage & costs incurred setting up the unit at venues such as tradeshows, corporate meetings and/or conferences, A&S developed this line of SLANT cases. A&S also wanted to facilitate displaying these screens at any angle needed from vertical to horizontal. A&S rose to the challenge again.

The A&S SLANT™, touchscreen and digital signage lift case, simplifies this whole process. Your screens never leave the protection of the case! All you need to do is:
1.    Plug in electrical power through the back of the case
2.    Remove a lid & press the up button (or an IF wireless remote)
3.    Once the screen is up, adjust it to any position from vertical, as it is stored, too horizontal. Horizontal is great for tabletop games or as a demo tool.

The screen rises out of the case on a uniquely simple & quiet lift and is moved to the desired angle and locked in place on a custom designed tilt mechanism. The A&S SLANT™ provides unbelievable ease of use at the venue & negates the need to hire show labor for set up at tradeshows, conferences and other venues since this can all be done by one or two people in minutes.

In the base of the case there is a 6 outlet surge-protected electrical supply to power the lift, screen and any computer equipment needed for driving the information being presented. The lift and tilt mechanism mounts to the screen VESA mount and can accommodate all large screens, 40” and up, weighing 250 lbs. or less.

When customers ask, A&S listens & better yet they deliver! As their tagline states - Always Superior… Quality Without Compromise Since 1976.


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