Florida Attorney John Della Costa Exposes TV Lawyer Factory Firms and Mill Mentality in New Book

Book offers consumers tips for navigating the often confusing and misleading world of large-scale, marketing-driven legal practices or “TV law firms.”

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St. Petersburg Injury Attorney
When I was in my car accident and I had lost my career, it was a vast unknown. I had one small child and one on the way. What do you do?

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

Florida attorney John Della Costa unveils the reality of what lies behind most television law firm advertising practices in his newly released book Don’t Get Caught in the Mill. The digital version is free and available to the general public for download at the website of his Pinellas Park, Fla.-based law firm Della Costa & Neville, P.A.

Della Costa says the free guide offers consumers tips for navigating the often confusing and misleading world of large-scale, marketing-driven legal practices of “TV law firms.” Don’t Get Caught in the Mill is designed for those who have suffered injuries as a result of an automobile, trucking or motorcycle accident, or who have lost a loved one through such an event. He also hopes that the book can educate others as a preventative measure.

“Marketing messages can grab people and make them feel like they are going to get the attention and the service that they are hiring them for, but when you get through the door, you may become part of a mill, a system, and you may not be getting those things that are represented in the commercial,” he says. “We hope that we can help people steer away from these situations or at least ask the right questions to become better informed.”

In his book, Della Costa attempts to shed light on what he calls “mill mentality” and “factory firms” and common mistakes people make when selecting an attorney for their potential case. He also maps out what steps are involved in a personal injury case and what a plaintiff can expect. “This is a guide that is designed to arm consumers with knowledge, so that they can make a choice that is going to represent their best interests,” he says.

Della Costa notes that there are several basic questions people should ask prior to their first appointment with a prospective personal injury lawyer. Among these are: with whom will I be meeting; how much experience do you have in this line of work; how often will I receive updates on the progress of my case; and have you ever taken a case to trial. As a former Deputy Sheriff and survivor of a serious automobile accident, Della Costa acknowledges that his background and empathetic perspective influenced his decision to write the book. His business partner is also an accident survivor. Della Costa says he experienced the “mill mentality” and “factory firms” firsthand.

“When I was in my car accident and I had lost my career, it was a vast unknown. I had one small child and one on the way. What do you do?” he says. “The attorneys I first met with weren’t really attuned to what my injuries were or what I was experiencing personally. It seemed very cold, and you could tell these people were just doing this as a business.”

Della Costa eventually met with an attorney who would go on to become his mentor as he himself moved from a law enforcement career to a law degree and practice. But, says Della Costa, many people will not be so lucky to find a compassionate attorney who puts their clients first.

“It wasn’t just a business deal. It was more ‘we’re getting you back on your feet, here’s the medical treatment, here’s what to expect a year from now.’ There were so many different things that my lawyer did for me,” he says. “As a law enforcement officer, my whole goal was to go out in this world and do good. When I saw that I could also do that in this career, that’s what got me into this profession.”

Della Costa says that while Don’t Get Caught in the Mill was his highest priority book topic to tackle as a free guide, he anticipates that he and his firm will be producing other helpful resources about other subjects, including what happens during litigation.

“We want to educate people and make sure that every client that comes to the door is treated as we would want to be treated as former accident survivors, not to be treated like a number but to be given guidance,” he says.

Don’t Get Caught in the Mill is available online by requesting a downloadable PDF at the Della Costa & Neville website http://www.prolawusa.com or by contacting the law firm directly at 727-584-8899.

About Della Costa & Neville, P.A.
Attorneys John Della Costa, Esq. and David A. Neville, Esq. launched their joint legal practice of DC&N in 2006. As survivors of serious automobile accidents themselves, Della Costa and Neville represent those suffering injuries from motorcycle, automobile and trucking accidents, as well as surviving family members of wrongful death suits. The firm accepts personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingent fee and cost basis. DC&N has its main office in Pinellas Park, as well as a satellite office in Sarasota. For additional information, visit the law firm online at http://www.prolawusa.com.


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