Fiberon Decking Announces Photo Contest for Outdoor Living Space Builders

Fiberon Decking launches a photo-based contest for builders who create unique, durable, and high-caliber outdoor living spaces with Fiberon composite decking materials. For people who use the FiberPRO loyalty support system and other builders who sign up as FiberPROs, this photo contests allows participants to exhibit their work and share it with communities.

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First Ever FiberPRO Photo Contest April 21- May 2.

This contest provides a forum for shared ideas and accomplishments.

New London, North Carolina (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Fiberon Decking has released an invitation for all FiberPRO deck builders who wish to showcase their work to a large audience. With the FiberPRO Photo Contest, happening from April 21 to May 2, builders who use Fiberon composite decking materials have a chance to show off their design and construction skillsets.

Judged by social media users and a panel from the Fiberon Decking team, the winner will win a coveted best-in-show honor and have their winning construction featured on the Fiberon website.

Fiberon Decking is a company that prides itself on providing beautiful and durable decking products. Specifically, their FiberPRO deck builders leave a lasting impression with creatively designed outdoor living spaces.

This mission is completed not only through Fiberon’s durable, beautiful, and eco-friendly composite decking materials, but also through a community-based platform that allows builders to post pictures and commentary of their work.

Fiberon expands their social objective with this spring’s first ever FiberPRO photo contest. According to the Director of Marketing Communications Edie Kello, this contest provides a forum for shared ideas and accomplishments.

“On the heels of Fiberon’s recent honors from ADEX [Awards for Design Excellence], our company wanted to offer FiberPRO builders a chance to show off their creativity and dedication to the design and construction of one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces.”

As a lighthearted and conversational competition, the FiberPRO Photo Contest will work through social media platforms. Builders will share photos of their work on Twitter and Facebook with categorical hashtags. The more shares, comments, and likes a photo receives, the higher points it receives.

With this social approach, Fiberon CEO Dan Mancosh believes that the contest will excite people about relaxing in warm weather and inspire others to embark on decking projects of their own.

“Throughout most of the country, this winter has been especially brutal. Many customers have dreamed about some good deck time once the sun decides to stay for a little while. With this contest, we’ll kick off the season with creative and personalized ideas from FiberPRO builders from all over.”

There are no set rules for FiberPRO builders to enter. Those who already use the FiberPRO loyalty program are especially encouraged to take part in the upcoming photo contest, which will run from April 21 to May 1 2014.

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