The Real Tooth Fairies New Book Inspires Girls to Protect the Earth and Endangered Species

“Triana Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy” is the latest release in the award-winning book series from The Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC. The full color, magical journey, written by Rachel Frankel and illustrated by A-M Basom, is available now at

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

“Triana Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy” is the latest release in the award-winning book series from The Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC. The full color, magical journey, written by Rachel Frankel and lavishly illustrated by A-M Basom, is available at

This book is part of the book series which was awarded Dr. Toy’s honor for Best Educational Product and Creative Child Magazine’s Best Product of the Year in 2013. These books inspire girls to believe in their dreams and to spread kindness in their world. Fairies, like Earthies, face challenges like being the new kid in school, feeling left out by friends, coping with bullying, and reaching for their goals. Like loving big sisters, The Real Tooth Fairies share adventure, friendship, and wisdom with their Earthie girls. This new release introduces girls to The Real Tooth Fairies and the magical world of Real Fairyland. It also reveals how Triana showed courage and kindness, proving she has the heart of a Real Tooth Fairy - a heart with wings.

“Triana Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy” begins when Triana Fairy takes a safari field trip to Earth, learning about all the Earthie animals, such as lions, whose roar can be heard up to five miles away. She meets elephant families, rhinos and cheetahs. But the field trip to study animals and the environment takes a surprising turn when a monkey sneaks back to Real Fairyland in Trianna’s backpack. Will Triana save the monkey and her friends from monkey mischief? Things only get wilder when Stepella, a prankster in Real Fairyland, arrives! In the midst of this journey to Earth and back, Triana discovers a magical power that will change her life forever.

The 40-page fully illustrated hardcover book comes with satin bookmark and charm holder that holds up to five charms (not included). As with the previous books in the award-winning series, “Triana Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy” has a free downloadable “Together Time” activity on the website that a parent and a girl can do together to further build comprehension and a love of reading.

“Girls just love this book series,” says Marilyn Bollinger, President of The Royal Council of The Real Fairyland, LLC. “Parents tell us they are their daughters’ favorite books that they read over and over again.”

The new title is just the latest from The Royal Council of The Real Fairyland, whose entire magical realm is revealed in an award-winning interactive online world and apps with books and products that captivate families with the complete Tooth Fairy experience. First-time-visiting girls ages 5-10 years can take the Royal Quiz and get matched to their Tooth Fairy and meet her – and most of the rich, involving website is free.

How it works is simple. A girl goes online to - with her parent’s permission – and gets matched to her own Tooth Fairy during the Royal Quiz, which consists of 4 simple questions about the girl’s interests. This begins a “pen pal” friendship between a Tooth Fairy and an “Earthie” as human girls are called, where the two write back and forth like best friends sharing all of a growing girl’s day-to-day experiences – her proud moments and her heartaches. Topics a girl can write about include: being proud of an activity, a good day at school or camp, a big day in sports, a magical birthday, being sick or injured, or EVEN having a lost tooth!
When a girl wakes up to a pillow delivery of a personalized letter from her Real Tooth Fairy, it makes a magical moment of joy and excitement that is very real.

About “Triana Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy”

“Triana Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy” is a story told by The Real Tooth Fairies to Rachel E. Frankel. Fairy portraits are by A-M Basom. Published in English by The Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC., the embossed hardcover book is available for purchase at

Hardcover copies of the entire award-winning book series are available to look at and purchase at

About The Real Tooth Fairies

The Real Tooth Fairies are represented to Earthies by the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, an entertainment company dedicated to the production of excellence in programming and interactive media, tied to consumer products that inspire imagination, foster creativity, and encourage children to spread kindness and change the world. The Real Tooth Fairies focus on character-building through positive role models, the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, and the Every Kindness Counts program.

Rachel Frankel is the award-winning author of eight Real Tooth Fairy books and has advanced degrees in English from Columbia University and University of Pennsylvania.

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