The Commercial Movers Sets Out To Educate On Packing Procedures

The Commercial Movers are renewing their plea to clients to allow their company to handle packing prior to a move, citing decreased accident reports, insurance claims, and the increased reliability of a professional staff. Therefore, they are striving to make customers aware of alternate cost-cutting methods.

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Moving Your Office Significantly Easier With Help From The Commercial Movers

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

The Commercial Movers have long been an advocate for their own professional services, granting customers evidence that taking the do-it-yourself route during such a strenuous transition can increase costs rather than cut them, and stresses that there are plenty of ways to reduce costs elsewhere.

When transporting office supplies, accidents sometimes do occur. When these accidents are caused by poor packing on the part of clientele, The Commercial Movers are not liable, and therefore an increased number of accident reports and claims inevitably result. Moving office computers can be extremely difficult when poorly packed, and can lead to damage of other items during transit.

The Commercial Movers have recently released a report detailing the various standards employed by their staff in order to ensure that fewer accidents occur. For instance, when not done professionally, packers often make the mistake of placing loose cords or unwrapped keyboards in with computer monitors. The monitors are heavy enough to destroy keyboards and bend prongs, and keyboards and prongs have enough uneven, sharp edges and corners to scratch, chip, or crack a computer screen.

One professional mover, Daniel Bishop, had some strong words for offices looking to relocate. "You'd be surprised how often I've been blamed for damage occurring in transit when our own movers weren't hired for their packing services. One time, someone had placed a desktop PC, monitor, keyboard, and cords all in one large box. Moving office computers is a delicate enough practice as it is. But sloppy packing on the part of clients isn't something I ought to be blamed for, in my opinion."

Although not a commonly occurring problem, Bishop acknowledged that when unnecessary damages and misplaced blame happen on the job, it can ruin and otherwise good day. "Morale is important to such a physical job," he says. "It's very tiring. Our managers are always looking out for us, which is why these reports are so commonly released to new and old clients alike. They distribute a lot of money to keep us and our clients content. It's a good company to work for."

In order to research additional methods of safe moving, head to the Commercial Movers website and check out our gallery. Also available are tips on how to begin planning for a move, and how to save money with various services along the way. Furthermore, our blog details various industry standards employed by both our competitors and us. And you can also receive a free estimate.


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