Advanced Biofuels USA Celebrates Earth Week with 10 Excellent Reasons to Transition to Sustainable Renewable Fuels

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"Why Transition to Sustainable Renewable Fuels?" asks Advanced Biofuels USA, providing as an answer, 10 Excellent Reasons in a one-page Earth Week handout for use by civic organizations, church stewardship groups, environmental organizations, teachers, students and anyone interested in renewable transportation energy.

"By publishing this easy-to-understand handout, we are furthering this educational nonprofit's mission to promote understanding, development and use of advanced biofuels," explained executive director, Joanne Ivancic. "The idea for this grew out of an honors presentation by an intern from Hood College here in Frederick. Biology major, Agatha Macairan, has been working on an article about why we can't already buy 100% sustainable renewable fuels for all our transportation needs. She admitted to struggling with the complexities involved in answering that question and urged us to find a way to make it more understandable. So, working together, we came up with these 10 excellent reasons based on her work, her discussions with friends and our additional observations. Instead of asking 'why can't we?' we pose the question 'why should we?'"

Why Transition to Sustainable Renewable Fuels?

1.    Climate Change –Recycle carbon. Don’t release “new” carbon from its underground storage.

2.    Energy Security – Peak Oil. We need to prepare for when oil runs out.

3.    Health Benefits – Ethanol can replace carcinogenic aromatics, and substantially reduce harmful emissions.

4.    More Efficient Engines Require Biofuels – Higher octane, higher ethanol transportation fuels. Engine manufacturers can maximize the efficiency of smaller, more efficient engines that utilize high combustion pressures and take advantage of other useful properties of ethanol. Cleaner, lower maintenance jet engines with renewable jetfuel. Less expensive maintenance for biodiesel hybrid buses.

5.    Environmental Benefits – Avoid deep water drilling oil spills, destruction of habitat from tar sands or fracking.

6.    National Security – Military do not have to protect feedstock sources or transportation routes of advanced biofuels.

7.    Jobs – Advanced biofuel production creates local jobs in agriculture, forestry, waste management, engineering, science and biorefineries. Not to mention the jobs which support these with food, shelter and services.

8.    Leadership in Science and Technology-- Historically, the basis of economic success. Advanced biofuels is today’s frontier.

9.    Keep your money at home! – Do not spend your currency on foreign energy resources.

10.    Not Under Someone Else’s Control – Lessen foreign energy providers’ power.

Advanced Biofuels USA enjoys a world-wide audience. These reasons apply regardless of borders, in any part of the world. The handout will be available in the Statements and Handouts section of the website and at

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