S-Network Global Indexes Combines with Thomson Reuters to Launch Web-Based ESG Ratings Portal

On Line Access to Environmental, Social, Governance and Composite ESG Ratings for over 4,600 Companies Worldwide

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We are providing investors democratic access to a fundamental tool that helps define the sustainability of a company’s operations.

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 23, 2014

S-Network Global Indexes Inc., a NYC-based data consulting firm and developer of proprietary indices, today announced the launch of a web-based portal for accessing ESG ratings on over 4,600 public companies worldwide, covering over $47 trillion (91.3%) in global market cap. The ratings, which were developed in conjunction with Thomson Reuters, aim to provide investors with an objective and transparent scoring system for grading the ESG performance of the world’s leading public companies.

The Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings (TRCRR) ESG Portal is among the first authoritative, cost-effective and internet-based offering of its kind. To access the ratings, please visit this page.

S-Network’s goal in developing the Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Ratings was to establish common, democratic standards for rating ESG factors of corporate entities, providing an engine of transparency that encourages consistent and actionable risk analysis for investors worldwide. Says Herb Blank, Senior Consultant with S-Network, “Academic literature makes it increasingly clear that companies’ ESG policies and practices have a real and growing impact on the long-term risk and return profiles of stock and bond portfolios.”

TRCRR are compiled and published by Thomson Reuters in conjunction with S-Network Global Indexes. The ratings are calculated using Thomson Reuters Asset4 data, which provides detailed information on 200+ key performance indicators (KPIs) and 500+ individual data points. KPIs cover timely and relevant factors such as carbon emissions, water usage, workplace safety, compensation policy and disclosure practice, among many others.

This entire process produces eight numeric values for each company screened: ratings and percentile ranks covering environmental, social, governance and composite ESG compliance. For further details on the methodology of the ratings, please visit this page.

“Sustainability means that a company’s business practices can be sustained into the future. It really is as simple as that and we are providing investors democratic access to a fundamental tool that helps define the sustainability of a company’s operations,” attests S-Network President Joseph LaCorte.

In addition to the ratings, which are available on the S-Network operated website, data points from the ratings are used to construct the Thomson Reuters Corporate Responsibility Indices (TRCRI), thus applying the data to an effective benchmark. These new indices are designed to represent the performance of US and global markets while reassuring investors that all included stocks have better than average ESG ratings. For more information, please visit http://www.trcri.com.

About S-Network Global Indexes, Inc.

S-Network Global Indexes, Inc. is a publisher and developer of proprietary and custom indexes. S-Network, founded in 1997, has specialized in indexes, indexation, and index-based products, including ETFs. The firm has provided in-depth consulting services to some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Deutsche Borse AG, UBS AG, State Street Bank & Trust, Deutsche Bank AG, the American Stock Exchange, Speer Leads & Kellogg, and Barclays Global Investors. Among its accomplishments, S-Network was instrumental in the structuring and development of the STOXX Index, which serves as the most widely-referenced benchmark for European and Euro zone equities. For more information please visit http://www.snetglobalindexes.com.