Six Things Your Law Firm Is Getting Wrong About SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most valuable tools at a law firm’s disposal, yet its potential is constantly overlooked. Legal Marketing Advantage has analyzed some of the significant mistakes law firms make with regards to SEO and is offering tips on improving the outlook.

...we’ve seen firsthand how a law firm’s prospects can improve when it goes all in on SEO.

The internet has changed things. No longer do people simply rely on a daytime television ad or a recommendation from a friend to get their legal representation; they’re going out to conduct research themselves, and they’re doing so through sites like Google.

This is why Search Engine Optimization is so important for law firms. With more and more people relying on search results to bring them attorneys they can trust, any firm that doesn’t explore this client acquisition stream is damaging their future prospects.

The experts at Legal Marketing Advantage have helped numerous law firms make peace with SEO, and in doing, attorneys they’ve worked with have been able to create an entirely new platform with which to gain clients. Javier Corona, CEO of Legal Marketing Advantage, wants to disabuse attorneys of those faulty notions that could be holding them back.

“It can feel strange to embark on an entirely new marketing endeavor,” said Mr. Corona. “But we’ve seen firsthand how a law firm’s prospects can improve when it goes all in on SEO. With the internet becoming the primary weapon of choice for persons looking to hire a lawyer, any law firm that hasn’t set itself up to intercept clients through this avenue is soon going to have to contend with the law of diminishing returns.”

Legal Marketing Advantage is offering these tips to correct the six most common law firm SEO mistakes:

1. SEO Does NOT Do More Harm Than Good- Some law firms stay away from SEO because they hear horror stories about a law firm getting penalized and dropping out of the search results completely. This obscures the fact that those law firms were likely engaged in Black Hat tactics designed to artificially boost their rankings. When White Hat tactics are applied instead, there is nothing to worry about.

2. There Are More Keywords Than You Probably Realize- A personal injury law firm may give up the ghost before they’ve even begun SEO in earnest because they see just how many competitors there are for a term like “personal injury.” But this isn’t the only option for such a law firm. SEO encompasses numerous search terms differentiated by subject matter, geographic specificity, and length. Only going after a couple search terms is like quitting the NFL Draft because your preferred quarterback went to another team.

3. SEO Cannot Stand Apart From Other Marketing- SEO is at its best when it occurs in conjunction with a concerted online ad campaign, a social media investment, traditional marketing, and other strategies. That way, messages are unified across platforms and each discipline serves to bolster all others.

4. Directories Are Your Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy- Local directories along the lines of Avvo can be a great way to acquire clients who are comparing and contrasting many law firms all at once. Unfortunately, these directories often get elevated above individual law firms in the search results. Because of this, an attorney must use these directories to lure clients while simultaneously competing with them for keywords.

5. Budget Conscious, Not Budget Unconscionable- SEO as a cost is neither so big that it’s going to inhibit a law firm nor so small that it can be passed off to an intern. While the tactics that make up SEO, like content marketing, don’t technically cost money, a law firm still has to make a commitment of time and resources so that clients are constantly streaming in.

6. A Growing Slice Of The Pie- Thanks to the proliferation of the mobile device, more people than ever are using their Smartphones and tablets to connect with attorneys at once. Search engines are thus bringing more and more clients into touch with law firms, meaning that SEO will soon overtake traditional ads as the primary means of connection. If you take nothing else away from this release, know that SEO will continue to grow and that you ignore it at your own peril.

Legal Marketing Advantage, one of the fastest growing internet marketing tech companies in North America, offers a diverse array of search marketing solutions to satisfy the needs and budgets of law firms across the country. Utilizing state of the art technology and innovative strategy, the company helps attorneys and law firms grow their business and reach their full potential. LMA develops customized internet marketing solutions that empower legal professionals with a simple and affordable way to attract qualified prospects and convert them into clients. Click to learn about law firm SEO from Legal Marketing Advantage.

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