Socially-Based Craigslist Competitor Gains Users in 50 states in Only Nine Days

The Puhsh App, an alternative to Craigslist & Online Garage Sale Groups, was release April 7th and had active members buying & selling used items across the country in just nine days.

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Local, Social Marketplace.

It is inevitable that the Craigslist model has to change. Local Person-to-Person transactions will become socially-based, which is what the new Puhsh App has done.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

The Puhsh App is a socially-based local marketplace. It launched April 7th and within only nine days had a growing user base that reached all 50 states - making Puhsh one of the fastest growing social marketplaces on the web.

Until now, no true innovation has taken place in the online local P2P market space since Craigslist launched in 1995. A handful of companies have made attempts at it (including eBay) - but none as social, sensible or monetizable as Puhsh. It has completely re-imagined how people buy & sell items locally, leveraging social connections, mobile connectivity and gamification.

Facebook Groups have recently been emerging in cities across America to facilitate online garage sales. However, their structure was never designed to support the functionality of a true social marketplace. These groups have seen explosive growth as participants want to know the true identity of other buyers & sellers as opposed to the anonymous structure of Craigslist & eBay.

Enter Puhsh’s new socially-based local marketplace.

Puhsh already includes a long checklist of helpful things you would expect from any online retail shopping experience but adds an elegance and simplicity that make it a breeze to both buy or sell almost anything. Puhsh has gamified its entire user experience, allowing “Puhshers” to earn points & badges for buying and selling used items. Using Facebook’s Open Graph, members can see the mutual friend connections between any user. Puhsh uses Silicon Valley-based, Retailigence, to supply affiliate inventory to up-sell users, and in conjunction with users activity formulate predictive future sales opportunities. They are pursuing integration with Dwolla Payment Systems to facilitate Person-to-Person transactions and offer monthly premium subscriptions for access to exclusive coupons and discounts. Puhsh’s innovative social tools have enabled the App to spread to all 50 states in just nine days with the average Puhsher inviting 5+ friends!

The Puhsh app is currently available for free for the iPhone:

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