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CSI is releasing phase 1 of an online service that potentially has the largest "social media" market share. "Legacy for Time" was created to allow messages between the living and the deceased.

“When a loved one becomes a memory, possessing that memory becomes a treasure forever.”

Co-founder and CEO Chuck Bernasconi says that “…now loved ones may have a ‘memory’ that can be saved and passed on as a ‘Legacy for Time.’ Would not we all love to see and hear our great, great grandparents in their own voice and image talking about their lives and also be able to pass that image on to our future generations?”

Going to the website, anyone can register to be a member for free. All members may optionally record or provide a digital “Public” message/picture/video for anyone that comes to the site. If provided by the member, the site user selects the person by name and state and if – and only if – the member is deceased may they see/hear the Public message. It may become in effect a digital and self recorded “obituary” of aspects of their life. It is therefore available for all present and future generations for up to 50 years. The recording is always available, unless it is later found to be defamatory or in any way illegal. Again, Public messages are always free.

To use the system, after registering, a member next identifies a trusted facilitator. That trusted person formally agrees to signify to the system when the member becomes deceased. The facilitator optionally informs people whom the member has previously defined as their “Private” message friends and family: “Recipients.” Recipients obtain access to their Private digitally recorded message/s by the member, but only after the member dies. Recipients can ignore, view, delete or view and save the notes/digital video messages/pictures for future generations up to 50 years. Recipients may be friends, family or possibly a nemesis. The message may also include pictures/descriptions of pets or special places. It may truly be the “final word.”

Recipients learn of the system and the pending Private message via an automated e-mail when the Private message file is set up. Members pay a small fee per the number of people that are to be Private message Recipients. The Recipient e-mail address is critical for access. The code is given to the Recipient immediately but is only valid after the member passes on, hopefully many years later.

Members are not allowed to use the system as a last will and testament or health care directive. There are, however, links to third party attorneys and separate online companies that are willing, for a fee, to develop wills and other necessary end of life documents.

Members also have a “Bucket list” link and may optionally pre-purchase special occasion gifts for loved ones to keep their legacy/memory “alive.” For example a couple may have an April 15th wedding anniversary. The member can pre-pay to have a $100 comparable flower bouquet sent to his widowed spouse on each April 15th for the next 5 years, but beginning only after his/her demise. A short note may also be included. The gift order options are limitless. The funds are held in trust and can be cancelled at any time prior to the member’s death. Pets may also be included for special care and be memorialized.

“When a tool touches the heart, that tool becomes limitless.”
Steve Jobs introducing the iPod

For more information and other applications for this service, please visit the site or contact:

Chuck Bernasconi
Computer Software Innovations, Inc
Office: 800-735-7063 PDT; Cell: 206-718-4002 PDT

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