Q Scores Releases 2014 Sports Q Study

The annual report covers over 600 sports personalities across a broad spectrum of demographics. The data is available as a full report, on a personality-by-personality basis or as personality rankings among key demographic segments.

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(PRWEB) April 29, 2014

Q Scores is pleased to announce the release of its 2014 Sports Q Study.

This annual report covers 600+ sports personalities including active and retired athletes, managers, coaches, broadcasters, commentators, and league executives. The study also demographically profiles the fans of 40 sports and activities.

The Sports Q Study includes a variety of sports covering all of the major sports (basketball, football, baseball, auto racing, hockey, etc.) as well as extreme sports athletes. It measures the current familiarity and emotional connection with a broad range of sports personalities among a nationally representative sample of sports fans between 13 and 64 years of age.

“Those interested in Sports Q can purchase a personality ranking for a specific sport, for a specific demographic target such as men 18-34 – whatever definition meets your primary objectives,” says Henry Schafer, executive vice president of Q Scores. “Interested in demographically profiling the awareness and appeal of an individual athlete? You can do that as well. ”

Another available option is the breakdown of total sports fans into fans of specific sports. So, for example, the strength of appeal for specific basketball athletes can be assessed amongst NBA fans as well as fans of the other sports to measure their crossover appeal.
Sports Q purchasers can trend the appeal of any one sport or activity over the years such as tracking the appeal of basketball, football, fishing, gymnastics, motorcycle racing, etc.

“Many of our Sports Q clients also buy similar data from our general market personality study (Performer Q) to determine if the athlete is becoming more of a general icon beyond the sports world,” says Schafer. “For many of these personalities it is important to determine if they’re transcending the world of sports and able to broaden their marketing and advertising opportunities.”

The results for each personality in Sports Q are based on a sample of 2000 nationally representative sports fans between the ages of 13and 64. A report can be delivered to clients the same day it is ordered.

For more information, visit http://www.qscores.com/Web/Sports-Personalities.aspx. Rather speak to someone at Q Scores on the phone about your specific needs? Call Henry Schafer at 1-516-365-7979.

About Q Scores
Q Scores is the recognized standard for measuring the appeal of licensed properties, personalities, brands, characters and programs. Q Scores metrics identify the most enthusiastic and emotionally connected consumers of a personality, character or licensed property, program, or brand.

Derived from our data collection model of the Favorites Concept, Q Scores metrics are an important predictor of greater consumer involvement. Understanding how these consumers are impacted, enables clients to make the most informed decisions regarding their marketing, advertising, and media efforts.

Each Q Scores category in our databases provides a wide variety of demographics for pinpointing target consumer appeal across age, gender, household income, market size, region, race, ethnicity, presence of children and other key characteristics. We offer a variety of custom research options for more precise target market analyses,

In addition to providing consistently accurate and reliable data, our top level staff has the experience and expertise to analyze and interpret the information relative to clients’ specific needs. We are readily available by phone or email to guide our clients with our unmatched and unbiased counsel and analytical support.