Fire Island NY Ferries Schedule | Fire Island Tide Newspaper Publicizes the Fire Island Ferries Schedule to Popular NY Getaway Destination – Fire Island, NY

Fire Island NY Ferries Schedule: Fire Island Tide Helps Make the Connection to Fun and Relaxation at Popular NY Getaway Destination. Island’s Leading Publication is the Preferred Source for Information and Entertainment on Fire Island, NY.

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Fire Island, NY -  Fire Island Tide
"Many people feel their vacation begins when they step onto the ferry." ~ Kate Heissenbuttel

(PRWEB) April 28, 2014

Fire Island NY Ferries Schedule | Fire Island, NY

Part of the unbridled charm of Fire Island, NY is its secluded nature. Vacationers and others who are looking for a unique oceanfront getaway have made it one of the favorite destination spots on the entire Eastern seaboard.

That’s why there’s such a demand for a dependable Fire Island NY ferries schedule—a demand that is now met in every issue of the Fire Island Tide Newspaper.

“We publish a complete Fire Island ferries schedule in every issue, and it’s one of the most referenced sections in the paper,” said Kate Heissenbuttel, publisher of the Fire Island Tide. “The island is only accessible by water, so visitors and residents alike must refer to the ferry schedules to arrange travel to and from the island.”

From boating, fishing, swimming and other waterfront activities, to fine dining, great music and a diverse schedule of popular festivals and community events, Fire Island has become one of the nation’s leading destinations for natural beauty, exciting night life and a liberated lifestyle.

“Part of the appeal of Fire Island remains the fact that you can only get there by sea,” said Heissenbuttel. “That’s why a Fire Island ferries schedule becomes an indispensable reference for enthusiasts of the island and its eclectic blend of attractions and events. Many people feel their vacation begins when they step onto the ferry.”

Those attractions and events are chronicled in every issue of the Fire Island Tide, which includes news, features, short stories, and complete listings for entertainment, dining, boating and real estate. The paper is published eight times a year during peak vacation season and is also available year-round at

“We also publish the Long Island Railroad schedule so travelers who utilize the train from New York and Long Island can make their connections with the ferries to Fire Island,” said Heissenbuttel. “It’s all about making it as easy as possible for people to reach their destination on the island, whether they’re staying for a weekend, a week, or an entire season.”

Fire Island is a unique destination spot, weaving together a string of small, welcoming communities that are known for their openness to individuals of diverse lifestyles. It became a popular getaway in the early 1900s and caters to an affluent demographic group with discriminating tastes.

Above all, Fire Island is known for its overwhelming sense of community and friendship.
“We are proud to be a part of, and even chronicle, how residents, along with neighbors from Long Island and elsewhere, enjoy their time on our beautiful island,” said Heissenbuttel. “It’s a testament to the people who love Fire Island.”

That’s the kind of good news that the Fire Island Tide focuses on in every issue and on its website. “People come to the island to escape from their everyday lives,” said Heissenbuttel. “So we don’t editorialize or hit them over the head with news about what’s going on in the world outside of Fire Island. They want a break from all that, so we give it to them by celebrating the island’s history, attractions, night life and natural beauty.”

About The Fire Island Tide:

The Fire Island Tide Newspaper is published bi-weekly and is the official historical publication of record for Fire Island, NY. With offices in Bellport, NY, the Fire Island Tide is delivered to the island by boat and is available at high-traffic locations across the island, including ferry terminals, marinas and parks. More information is available at

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