Atticare Now Offering Insulation for the Complete Home

Attic cleaning San Francisco contractors at AttiCare are announcing insulation installation for the complete home.

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2014

Insulating the home is one of the first things that can be done to protect it and Attic cleaning San Francisco contractors at AttiCare are now announcing insulation installation for the complete home. Older homes are much more likely to have less insulation than newer homes, but adding to existing insulation is a beneficial way to protect the home. At AttiCare, the insulation installers are now offering insulation for the whole home.

Insulation can be classified into four general categories: 1) Loose fill, composed of cellulose, mineral, or glass fibers; 2) Batts, composed of fiberglass, cotton, or various wools; 3) Rigid boards, composed of plastic foams or glass fibers; and 4) Expanding sprays, these are proprietary systems. Batt and rigid insulation typically come into play during a major restoration that requires replacing walls or during installation insulation in unfinished spaces such as attics.

The amount of insulation needed in a home depends on the insulation’s R-value—the material’s thermal resistance or resistance to heat flow. This depends on what region of the country a home is located and what part of the house is being insulated. The higher the R-value the better the material insulates. R-values range from zero to 40 and more. Smaller values are appropriate for warm weather places, such as Florida; and the high values are appropriate in chilly climates, such as New Jersey.

Where insulation needs to be installed will vary from house to house. Most heat loss is typically lost through the roof. Since warm air has a tendency to rise and cool air falls, insulating the attic first is the best place to start. If the attic is unfinished, the insulation should be installed on the floor. If the attic is used as a living space, the insulation should be placed between the rafters.

AttiCare knows the value of family and they thrive to offer the best services and best quality of business to insure comfort. They offer only the best insulation to both the San Francisco Bay Area and the Northern New Jersey locations to provide homes with the best attics possible.

About AttiCare:
AttiCare is a company of insulation contractors offering attic clean-up services based out of Alameda, California and Secaucus, New Jersey. They have been effectively serving the entire San Francisco Bay area and Northern New Jersey area for more than fifteen years.

They are the largest company in the Bay Area and N. New Jersey which specializes in attic cleanup, crawl space cleaning, rodent control and rodent removal, as well as attic insulation, attic insulation removal, air duct repair, and replacement. AttiCare is a company of consciously grounded with high regard for customer satisfaction.

  •     Attic insulation to help families best protect their homes,
  •     Crawl space insulation and removal for fixing and replacing air ducts and upgrading insulation,
  •     Air duct repair and replacement throughout a house to ensure acceptable air quality and thermal comfort is flowing throughout the house,
  •     Insulation removal to rid the house of all old and infected insulation, and
  •     Rodent proofing to keep unwanted rodents out of the house for good.

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