New Medical Tech Company, MedWand Solutions, LLC, Set to Revolutionize Telemedicine

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MedLion and Cypher Scientific Unite to Create Unprecedented New Medical Device

MedWand Solutions, LLC

It’s about finding connections that advance healthcare and society.

The founders of MedLion, a national Direct Primary Care pioneer, and Cypher Scientific, a leading engineering firm, have launched a tech company to create a new consumer device that is poised to reboot the telemedicine industry.

Las Vegas-based MedWand Solutions, LLC says the “MedWand” is a handheld, portable device that assists in the remote examinations of patients over secure internet connections via smartphones, tablets or computers. When used by a patient, the MedWand can allow a doctor to listen to heart and lungs, obtain basic vitals, and even look into a patient’s ears, nose, and throat. In addition to serving as a tool to conduct examinations, MedWand will allow for continuous data gathering, using algorithms to “predict” negative outcomes and allow providers an opportunity to intervene early. MedWand was invented by Dr. Samir Qamar, CEO of MedLion Management, Inc., and Robert Rose, Managing Director of Cypher Scientific, LLC.

“This is a game changer,” says Dr. Samir Qamar, MedWand Solutions’ President. “It doesn’t make sense to be limited by audio, video, or large carts and suitcases to provide telemedicine. Most doctors practicing telemedicine can’t examine patients or capture vital data as they would in an office visit, which is risky. Now, patients can be examined anywhere by simply pulling a MedWand out of their pocket and connecting with a doctor via their smartphone or computer. Think of it as a digital house call. It’s amazing.”

Robert Rose, MedWand Solutions’ CEO, provided the technical brains behind the innovative project. “When Dr. Qamar came to us, we recognized MedLion as the leading provider of Direct Primary Care in the country, and shared his vision for the future of telemedicine. It made logical sense for Cypher Scientific to partner with MedLion.”

Qamar and Rose say they have funded all start-up costs for MedWand and are in final negotiations with a top manufacturing firm in Silicon Valley. With several pre-orders already obtained, the start-up is about to raise capital. In addition to venture capital, MedWand will soon initiate a crowd funding campaign to benefit early adopters of the device.

Current plans are to initially license the device to healthcare leaders with a telemedicine presence, before creating new markets where remote medicine can benefit patients. MedWand says it is open to creating its own physician base, something officials say will be determined later. The company is already in talks with airlines, transportation companies, managed healthcare, and medical practice chains.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Qamar. “Sick patients who don’t want to leave home. Remote monitoring of chronic conditions. Military personnel in the field. Assisted living facility residents. Traveling employees. Insurance companies who would rather pay for a digital house call than an unnecessary trip to the ER. Instead of spending a fortune on an onsite clinic, businesses can now do it with a MedWand and a laptop.”

Pricing for the MedWand has not been finalized, but executives at the company say a single unit would retail for below $300, with various plans to subsidize the cost via monthly subscriptions to access MedWand’s telemedicine services. Depending on the plan chosen, MedWand subscriptions are expected to range from $10 to $50 a month. Units are expected to be available to consumers by the end of the year.

The founders of MedWand are no strangers to innovation.

Dr. Samir Qamar, formerly the house doctor for the Pebble Beach Resorts, founded healthcare disruptor MedLion in 2009, self-funding the company into the largest Direct Primary Care company in the nation. MedLion reduces healthcare costs for consumers and employers by refocusing insurance on catastrophic care, and offering the more commonly-used primary care via affordable monthly subscriptions. Telemedicine is important at MedLion, and the company recently announced a partnership with Google Helpouts for online video patient visits.

Cypher Scientific’s founder, Robert Rose, helped create the famed RED Epic movie camera which revolutionized the motion picture industry, in addition to other medical and non-medical innovations over the past 30 years. “Cypher Scientific is a progressive thinking company that has some of the best designers in the world on their team. With deep backgrounds in medical equipment design, computing, and computational sciences, Cypher’s designers can bring to life features and functions that are missed by less dynamic engineers.”

When asked about MedWand’s future goals, Rose explains, “Our immediate focus is getting MedWand into full production and into the hands of as many users as possible. In the long term, we already have plans for enhanced MedWand models, extended features, and even entry into some adjacent markets not yet served by telemedicine.”

Dr. Qamar concludes, “MedLion led to the creation of MedWand. It’s about finding connections that advance society. That’s where the magic happens, and that’s what we’re doing with MedWand. You’ll find us at the intersection of technology and healthcare.”

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