Mew and Company Reduces Tax Fatigue for Clients with Exciting New Services

All tax payers will agree that there is nothing worse than continuously paying an amount of earnings and income as taxes to the government, without ever seeing the end of it. Mew And Company eliminates tax fatigue for its clients with new services and offers at

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Mew & Company

Mew & Company

The percentage of taxation constantly increases, as the burden of rectifying the economy is laid increasingly on the common man. As if that wasn’t enough, the complicated documentation and form-filing required for tax payments is unbearable.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) April 28, 2014

Mew and Company has recently announced that it will be offering exciting new offers and tailored services especially centered on eliminating tax fatigue for its clients. Mew and Company strives to make its clients’ lives easier by finding ways to not only reduce the tax payable, but to also help clients with their documentation, financial statements and all other forms of tedious record-keeping with the help of its new packages for customer care.

Mew and Company – The Ultimate Tax Solution

Mew and Company comprises of independent professionals located in Downtown Vancouver and specializes in strategic tax consultation and accounting services. Their clientele includes both, Corporations and businesses, as well as individuals with a high net worth who wish to find out more about taxation issues including payrolls, capital gains and succession planning. Their goal is to optimize business growth by providing a best fit accounting system that can be implemented with ease and comfort.

Customer Care & After Sales

Mew and Company’s job doesn’t end here. After the tax has been paid and the necessary formalities dealt with, representatives of the company remain in touch with the clients in case any help is needed during the CRA audit. Even though the prudent taxation procedure handling greatly reduces the chances of an audit, Mew and Company intervenes as a mediator in such a case and lowers its clients’ burden by dealing with the CRA themselves. They take charge, organize meetings with the CRA on convenient times, and become the best advocates who negotiate the scope of the audit on their clients’ behalf to ensure a faster and a smoother audit process.

Mew and Company,, specializes in taking their clients’ burden and solving it as their own. With their expert advice and professional know-how, taxation is not a hassle anymore. To know more about the company and get in touch with a representative, log on to