Cuisine Santé International Adding More Cooking Shows to Meet Demand

Cuisine Santé International has been enlightening and entertaining consumers through their live cooking shows for the last 12 years. Featuring exclusive Canadian made cookware as well as a variety of other products has driven up demand for more shows.

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Funny, funny and funny! Love the experience with my husband! The people are soo gentle and nice! You'll learn how to upgrade your cooking experience and the products are great!Samantha from Mississauga

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) April 29, 2014

Cuisine Santé International is excited to announce we will now be doing our live cooking show 6 days per week. This will add 2 shows each week to meet the demand of consumers who wanted to attend this exciting event” stated senior chef Mike Ayoup.

The live cooking show features up to 13 couples enjoying a healthy 3 course meal prepared live in front of the audience. Previously shows were featured 5 times per week, now there will be 7. After years of business with the high demand from our customers to have more shows on a weekly basis, we have decided to go to a 6 days per week with a total of 7 shows, from Monday to Friday our show will be held at 7 pm and on Saturday we have 2 shows at 1 pm and pm.

The show is designed to show people how to eat healthy, use fresh ingredients and prepare great meals in less than 15 minutes by using the quality kitchenware products available at Cuisine Santé International.

Interested in attending a show? Visit our website at: and sign up for a free dinner at one of our locations.

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