QuickFire Networks Enables 4K HEVC in 1U

Live 4K HEVC encoding via QuickFire’s T-Video™ V2200 demonstrated at the 2014 Cable Show.

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Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) April 29, 2014

Continuing to provide disruptive performance in a 1U form factor, QuickFire Networks announces the T-Video™ V2200, the only platform capable of live 4K HEVC encoding in a 1U server.

“The industry at large wasn’t ready for 4K or HEVC, and as a result, today’s solutions are unwieldy, expensive, and ill-suited to meet the related demand,” said PJ Go, EVP of QuickFire Networks. “4K is four times the resolution of HD, and HEVC encoding requires ten to twenty times the processing power of H.264 encoding. Consequently, 4K HEVC encoding requires forty to eighty times the processing power required for HD H.264 encoding. COTS-based solutions were fine when a single processor could handle a single stream, but that’s no longer the case. Moore’s Law can’t save us from 4K HEVC – the industry needs the T-Video V2200.”

The T-Video V2200 is a 1U server ideally suited for encoding live 4K HEVC streams in a compact, self-contained package. This is accomplished by combining PCI Express video capture, QuickFire’s proprietary V-Fabric™ high speed interconnect software, and 9 video processing nodes featuring the latest Intel® Core™ CPUs. V-Fabric is a sophisticated high-performance interconnect that enhances and simplifies video processing.

A demonstration of the T-Video V2200 showcasing 4K HEVC live encoding will be available at the 2014 Cable Show in Los Angeles, California, North Entrance, Hall K, Intel Booth 2507.


QuickFire Networks delivers #maximumdensity, performance platforms that enable high resolution, and processor-intensive video encoding/ transcoding for mobile and broadband content providers. The T-Video product line is designed specifically for the explosive growth of video traffic currently underway. QuickFire Networks is headquartered in San Diego, California.

To contact QuickFire Networks, e-mail info(at)quickfirenetworks(dot)com.

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