Powerhouse Education Releases Chronicle Version 2.0.

Powerhouse Education is pleased to announce the release of Chronicle 2.0, a versatile app for teachers that utilizes the iPad’s multimedia functionalities.

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...Chronicle is brilliantly designed...

Mahwah, NJ (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Enabling teachers to capture authentic data via text, photo, video, and audio, early users of Chronicle saw the value of taking the multimedia capabilities to the next level. A teacher from Oregon states, “I also love that I can snap a picture of student work and include (it) in my conferring notes. I hope that I can add photos or video clips from my iPad library soon, as I sometimes want to add examples from whole group work, videos the students make of book discussion groups, etc. to the notes of multiple students. This would also let me capture ‘the moment’ (a public speaking activity, for example) and reflect with the student afterwards in the app.”

This request to add photos and videos from the iPad library was the first from a number of Chronicle users. “We truly value all feedback from our users,” states Andy Raupp, co-founder of Powerhouse Education, “and we’re excited to announce the incorporation of this functionality in Chronicle 2.0.

Along with being able to include multimedia notes from the iPad library, there are a few other upgrades users will notice. To begin with, Chronicle 2.0 allows for more effective management of groups with its new edit functionality. “We realized the need to be able to easily edit a group’s name, particularly in the subject area of Reading, as a common teaching practice is to have students reading in partnerships or book clubs. Here, teachers strive to cultivate an atmosphere filled with rich, high-level discussions in which students scaffold meaning and insight from one another. But often through a unit of study, students may read several books together while remaining in the same group. It just makes sense to be able to easily change the group’s name, which in this case is usually the title of the book,” explains Ellen Raupp, also co-founder of Powerhouse Education.

Chronicle 2.0 additionally includes a code upgrade to iOS7, as well as a prompt that now appears every five launches reminding users to back up their data via iCloud or Dropbox.

Overall, Chronicle has continued to grow in popularity and enthusiasm among teaching professionals. A teacher from Australia provides her thoughts: “I think that Chronicle is brilliantly designed and I'm so impressed with what you have so thoughtfully created. This is what happens when teachers create apps.”

Powerhouse Education was founded by husband and wife teachers, Andy and Ellen Raupp. With each having approximately ten years of teaching experience, Andy and Ellen are board certified teachers working in a nationally top-ranked school district in New Jersey. Holding undergraduate and graduate degrees, both have been awarded the prestigious title of "Teacher of the Year". Understanding the increasing demands and expectations placed on teachers, Andy and Ellen created Powerhouse Education with the vision of providing teachers with the tools to effectively and more easily implement educational best practices, knowing that empowered teachers will yield stronger, more successful students.

Powerhouse Education provides a lite and full-version of Chronicle. To learn more, visit http://www.powerhouseed.com.