Leadership Expert John O’Leary Partners with TechCocktail.com to Provide Entrepreneurs with Tools to Thrive in Business, Life

Leadership expert John O’Leary writes a three-part article series for TechCocktail.com to provide entrepreneurs with tools to thrive in business and life such as: developing a personal mission statement, learning how to say no and when to say yes.

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John O'Leary shares his message on leadership and life at more than 150 events around the world annually.

John O'Leary shares his message on leadership and life at more than 150 events around the world annually.

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

John O’Leary, an internationally-acclaimed speaker and president of leadership and lifestyle organization Rising Above, was recently asked to share his definition of “work-life balance” with TechCocktail.com, a media company for startups, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.

John’s definition of “work-life balance” as shared in the article is, “It’s about being so totally alive in the moment that work, relationships, spirituality, mission, responsibility and opportunity blend seamlessly into one thing: life.”

O’Leary will be expanding on this topic, offering insights and tools to achieve better results in business and life, in a three part article series featured on TechCocktail.com. The first article, “No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regret,” was posted last week. The key message in this article is, “In order to be most impactful, effective, and influential as leaders, we must not only master the word ‘yes,' but also the word ‘no.’”

In the article O’Leary further explains, “When you are clear on what matters most to you (what to say yes to) and what your roadblocks are (what to say no to), then you have a roadmap to guide you toward your goals; that’s when you will build the business, relationships, and life that you want.”

The final two articles in the series will be:

  • “Just Say Yes: Why Knowing Your "Personal Mission Statement" (Yes Statement) is Critical”
  • “How to Create Your "Yes" Statement”
Look for these blogs on TechCocktail.com during May. John also blogs weekly about topics such as waking up from “autopilot” living, the pillars of leadership, balanced living and more at RisingAbove.com.

About John O’Leary:

John O’Leary was expected to die; today he teaches others how to truly live. O'Leary is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, blogger and expert on leadership and life. Since overcoming a life-threatening house fire at the age of nine, John has honed his unique understanding of finding possibility, solution and success within the greatest challenges in business and life. John inspires 150+ clients annually including Southwest Airlines, LEGO, Wells Fargo and Charter Communications. John is the president of Rising Above, a leadership lifestyle organization designed to empower you to take back your life, ignite your possibility and change your world. Beyond speaking, Rising Above offers live and web-based leadership and personal development programs, DVDs, books, a community of like-minded leaders and more. Join the Rising Above community and receive daily inspiration at RisingAbove.com.