Medieval Realm Meets Modern Era Societal Disputes

Author Joe H. Sherman's new novel surpasses all expectations, elucidating the underlining issues and quest for solid foundation in society.

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One of the most dominant themes in this series is the search or desire to find a place to fit in to society.

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) May 01, 2014

Enhancing children’s writing skills is something author Joe H. Sherman encourages in his household, thus how he began writing his first novel, “The Bloodline Chronicles Vol. I.”

Sherman’s novel formed when he began augmenting his son’s writing skills and eventually an intriguing storyline captured his attention. This fast-paced, adventurous novel exceeds a balance between humor, tragedy and violence, set in a pseudo-medieval fantasy world.

“I was originally working with my son practicing writing, to increase his skills,” Sherman said. “This is where the setting of a medieval realm, sword-and-sorcery fantasy, was created, to spark his interest.”

“The Bloodline Chronicles Vol. I” focuses on a cathartic journey of two medieval, inhuman brothers and their quest for a solid foundation in society. Humorous situations emerge throughout the novel and their pursuit for society acceptance underlines the deeper meaning of the storyline.

“One of the most dominant themes in this series is the search or desire to find a place to fit in to society,” Sherman said. “There is an underlying conflict between the classes throughout the series.”

“The Bloodline Chronicles Vol. I”
Author: Joe Sherman
ISBN: 1466993510
Retail price: $14.39
Available in e-book, hardcover and paperback

About the author:
Joe H. Sherman works in machine trades for various manufacturers and is ranked orange belt in both aikido and judo martial arts. He is a devoted supporter of the National Rifle Association and a United Auto Workers member. Sherman refers to himself as a blue collar, working class, husband and father, residing in Covington, Ohio.


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