Are Biofilms the Missing Link in Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Infections? A Research Physician Shares the Truth

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In his new book, Combatting Biofilms, James Schaller, MD, of Florida, exposes biofilms as the silent killer in chronic disease.

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Studies indicate that many people fight chronic infections for months or years, despite aggressive treatment.

New information shows that biofilms may be a key factor in why chronic infections are so difficult to overcome.

In his new book, Combating Biofilms, Dr. Schaller exposes biofilm as a key component in the persistence of many infections and diseases and shares the research to support his conclusions as well as breakthrough treatments to combat biofilms.

What are biofilms?

The National Institutes of Health estimates that more than 80% of microbial infections in the human body are caused by biofilms. Biofilms, “a previously ignored silent killer,” can be defined as “any group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other on a surface and are typically inside a layer they create called ‘slime’.” This slime acts as a barrier and often prevents antibiotics access to kill the infection “protected” by it. Biofilms, most commonly associated with Lyme disease, can be found in yeast infections, cancer, bad breath, lung infections, chronic ear infections, wounds, lesions or sores, contact lenses, and acne, just to name a few.

Why was Dr. Schaller motivated to write this book?

Unfortunately, biofilms are largely ignored by the medical community, despite their danger and prevalence. Statistics tell us that biofilm infections are among the top medical causes of death for children under six. But everyone is at risk, so an understanding of biofilms as well as treatment options is critical.

According to Dr. Schaller, “The barrier of a biological film can be utterly impossible to remove or penetrate with routine options…” Unfortunately, many practitioners may not have the knowledge or the time to research other options or even consider the destruction of biofilms as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to attack infections. In Combating Biofilms, Dr. Schaller has consolidated the research to present a clear and concise guide documenting the importance of treating biofilms as a normal course of action when treating chronic infections and offers various, breakthrough solutions - from using herbal remedies to varying the schedule of antibiotics previously found to be ineffective. Since the time and effort it would take to research this information can be prohibitive, Dr. Schaller does the work for you with the goal of providing a comprehensive up-to-date guide for patients and practitioners, alike.

Dr. Schaller's new book, Combating Biofilms, explains the role of biofilms in maintaining an infection and consolidates the research into what works to kill them, and what doesn't. Dr. Schaller feels it’s important to have more than one treatment option available since killing biofilms cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. In Combating Biofilms, Dr. Schaller presents several viable treatment options - supported by current research - depending on the type of infection. Options are targeted toward specific ailments including, for example, Lyme disease, periodontitis, lung infections, cancer, and chronic ear infections.

Combating Biofilms is a revealing look at biofilms’ diversity as well as never before revealed treatments that work to breakdown the biofilm, so infections can be treated. It is a must-read for those who suffer from a chronic disease such as Lyme (and others listed above) and those who have tried various treatments with no relief as well as for doctors who want more options to treat their patients’ infections.

Dr. Schaller is an internationally renowned author, research physician, full-time reader and part-time clinician. He has written over 27 books on various topics, including tick, flea and other infections which cause chronic illness and fatigue, and the diagnosis and treatment of Babesia and Bartonella. He was also the first to publish a practical cancer breakthrough, now a standard treatment internationally. Dr. Schaller treats people all over the world and tailors his treatment to their unique biochemistry and healing preferences. To learn more, visit

Combating Biofilms: Why Your Antibiotics and Antifungals Fail (186 pages) was published in April 2014 and is available from BioMed Publishing Group via The book is priced at $29.95. An eBook format is also available from

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