CEO and Cancer Survivor Opens Chest of Secrets With Two New Books

Jerrod Sessler, entrepreneur and CEO, was diagnosed with terminal cancer 15 years ago. He refused conventional medical treatment but instead choose a natural approach of changing his diet and lifestyle according to ToDoBlue LLC.

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Food Chains by Jerrod Sessler

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Getting fit in five minutes a day is possible according to Health & Fitness Guru Jerrod Sessler.

Jerrod Sessler, CEO of and terminal cancer survivor, opens his chest of secrets for all to see in his two new books, 'The 5 Minute Workout' and 'Food Chains."

"We are fat and unhappy. I wanted to change that or myself and now I am sharing with others," Sessler says. For many, it can seem impossible to make a dent in the engrained patterns of an unhealthy lifestyle. Sessler's new books seek to bridge the gap between those who want to be healthy and the knowledge necessary to lead a healthy life.

In his work out book, Sessler lays out an effective three-part plan to help people achieve their fitness goals. First, “Proper Nutrition,” second, “Work Out Five Minutes Every Day,” and third, “Rinse and Repeat.” In each of these steps Sessler exudes the heart of a teacher and guides readers through the practical steps necessary to achieve your fitness goals.

In his other work, Food Chains, Sessler dives in to the mental battle that happens when we engage in life and attempt to make sense of the seemingly unlimited choices we have before us in this modern age.

Sessler is intimately acquainted with these steps to health as he had to learn them during his own battle, and ultimate victory, against cancer. Americans are facing a deep-rooted problem when it comes to the issue of health. According to the Center for Disease Control, more than one-third of Americans are obese and many are being diagnosed with preventable, often life-threatening conditions.

And now we have ACA which is designed to respond to disease instead of help prevent it. Health issues are pushing people to a host of confusing, costly, and ultimately, unhelpful health-plan options with empty hopes of solving their health problems. This has led many to believe that unless they make it on The Biggest Loser, workout at the gym for hours every day, or hire a personal fitness coach, then they cannot experience real change.

Sessler’s book meets people where they are and provides a practical plan that fits their busy lifestyle. As a successful CEO, Sessler knows what it is like to have to balance a life full of responsibilities. “I was dying for a solution that didn't absorb my entire existence. I wanted to be fit but I just couldn't find a way to make it happen given my work, family, and other commitments. It is my hope that I can inspire millions to take baby steps toward a healthier daily lifestyle so that they can lose weight, get fit, and live life with contagious joy!”

The Five Minute Workout along with Food Chains is available at ABOUT JERROD SESSLER Jerrod is the Founder & CEO of HomeTask, a multi-brand service focused franchisor including Blue Crew, Freggies, Pet Butler, Lawn Army and Yellow Van Handyman. Sessler has written three books: 'The 5-Minute Workout,' 'The Five Percent Chance,' and 'Food Chains.' He is a former NASCAR driver, US Navy veteran, engineer, cancer survivor and author. He lives in Seattle with his wife and three kids. You can learn more about Jerrod and his vision for health and wholeness by following him on Twitter here or by liking his Facebook page at


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