Ecotone Products: Advanced Direct Vented AirGenerate ATI80DV Heat Pump Water Heaters Now Commercially Available

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Direct vented AirGenerate ATI80DV heat pump water heaters maximize electric energy savings for larger households in colder climates.

AirGenerate ATI80DV

Direct Vented AirGenerate ATI80DV heat pump water heater

AirGenerate ATI80DV direct vented heat pump water heaters optimize electric water heater savings for larger households.

Ecotone Products, LLC, the leading wholesaler for energy efficient equipment for new and existing construction, is advancing the availability of ultra efficient, cold climate optimized heat pump water heaters for contractors, builders, and architects. Ecotone Products is now stocking the latest AirGenerate ATI80DV direct vented heat pump water heaters. The AirGenerate ATI80DV heat pump water heater is optimized for adverse cold climate conditions with the promise of efficiently supplying hot water for households of up to 6 occupants.

The newly available direct vented AirGenerate ATI80DV can be installed with an air intake and an air exhaust:

  •     AirGenerate direct vent heat pump water heaters allow for the contractor to attach an air intake duct to the heat pump water heater. The duct is routed to the exterior of the home where it can pull air that is needed to operate the unit.
  •     The air is routed to the AirGenerate water heater where a heat pump is used to efficiently extract heat from the air and transfer it to the water that is stored in the tank. This process uses very little energy, since the heat is supplied and extracted almost for free from the air that is supplied from the exterior of the home. This process works even during cold winter months in most locations.
  •     As the heat is extracted from the incoming fresh air supply, the cooled down exhaust air is routed back to the exterior of the home via an air exhaust duct.

The benefit of a direct vented AirGenerate ATI80DV heat pump water heater is the use of unconditioned air from the exterior of the home. Conventional heat pump water heaters use air that has been conditioned by the home’s heating and cooling system. Home owners in cold climates spend lots of money to heat their homes in the winter. Using air that has been heated by a home’s heating system to power a heat pump water heater is not a good idea.The heating bill for the home goes up, whereas the heating bill for the water goes down. The homeowners overall savings become greatly reduced. The AirGenerate ATI80DV ensures that the homeowner’s savings are maximized. It isolates the heat pump water heater from the conditioned space of the home. All air required to power the water heater is pulled from the exterior of the home and gets exhausted directly to the exterior, too.

AirGenerate ATI80DV heat pump water heaters operate in efficient heat pump mode all the way down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit compared to conventional heat pump water heaters that can only operate down to 38-45 degrees Fahrenheit. AirGenerate water heaters also feature back-up electric elements that allow the water heater to supply hot water when the ambient air temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

AirGenerate ATI80DV water heaters provide the optimal solution for energy efficient electric water heating in colder climates while protecting home comfort. Ecotone Products provides wholesale distribution for AirGenerate water heaters to most locations in the continental United States. Ecotone Products also provides factory authorized training to interested contractors and electric utilities for AirGenerate water heaters. Contractors and utilities are encouraged to contact Ecotone Products via phone at 503.907.2901 or email Monday through Friday 7AM-5PM PST.

About Ecotone Products, LLC.
Ecotone Products is a wholesale distributor of energy efficient and water conserving products covering the Continental United States. Ecotone Products provides quality products and services supporting utilities, implementation contractors, and contractors with their needs for resource efficient solutions.

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