With Bidstalk bid on 10+ Bn bid requests everyday

Bidstalk has partnered with major ad exchanges in the mobile industry and now bidding on 10 billion+ impressions per day.

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Singapore (PRWEB) May 26, 2014

Bidstalk, founded in Jan’14, launched its Mobile advertising platform in MWC earlier this year. It has now partnered with major ad exchanges in the mobile industry like Smaato, OpenX, Nexage and Inner-active, other regional ad-exchanges and publishers, empowering Bidstalk to bid on 10 billion+ impressions per day now.

This is a monumental achievement for a five month old start-up in mobile advertising that has only just begun to deepen its roots. With 10+ billion impressions available per day, Bidstalk registers its name in the elite list of Exchange-of-Exchanges.

Bidstalk offers wide a range of state of the art services like data- driven white label DSP, advance targeting & optimization options for agencies and advertisers, intelligent ad-server, for publishers, and a custom ad-exchange, for both advertisers and publishers. To know more about these top-notch services, visit http://www.bidstalk.com.

With the formalizing of standards in the area of mobile advertising, the company is poised quite strategically to be a dominant player despite seemingly nascent origin. This is primarily due to superlative data intelligence and optimization approach which elevates them above their competitors who offer similar products in the mobile advertising industry.

Contact Bidstalk at info(at)bidstalk(dot)com for more information.


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